Speeding ticket with rental in Germany

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Dec 18, 2007
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Speeding ticket with rental in Germany

Hello all,

so I've received a "witness request" document from the Germany police for speeding while I was on holiday with a rental.
I admit that it was me, but no where on the document does it state the fine amount.

I know it won't affect my driving record here (plus wouldn't care if it did since I don't have a car) so that's not an issue.

My main concern is that I do intend to return to Europe (and Germany) in the future and don't want any issues at the border...

Has anyone else had a similar situation?

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Feb 17, 2017
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Unless you were massively speeding, the fines are usually really low (They start at something like 15 Euros).
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Feb 7, 2017
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What did the Rental Car Co. say when you contacted them ?

That’s your first step to figuring this out

A quick GOOGLE tells me the process is similar to the one we have here in North America...

The Authority checks the car’s license & registration, and tickets accordingly. In this case that would be to the Rental Car Co.

After that... it can get complicated.

The Rental Car Co has an obligation to pass your details onto the Authority.
Who then, may or may not ticket you directly.

So you could be looking at one level, direct settlement... OR the worse situation 2 level settlement.

The most basic of this is you pay the ticket direct and are done.

Or... and here’s where it gets messy (and expensive)

The ticket is handed off to the Rental Co and they handle it (or not ... more about that in a sec)

Simple ... you don’t have to deal with the Authority... just the Rental Car Co. ... who charges you for the ticket, along with some service charges.

Not so Simple... and more expensive ...

The Rental Co. has you pay the ticket with the Authority... AND you pay the Service Charges (more like fines) with the Rental Car Co. for having a Driving Infraction while being a Renter of said vehicle

In this scenario it gets SUPER EXPENSIVE... as essentially you end up paying SUBSTANTIALLY MORE than what the ticket was worth ... and for lack of a better explanation it adds up to paying for the same infraction more than once

All perfectly legit... and legal
And covered in your Rental Car Agreement that you signed

Any way you look at it ... you are screwed, and have to pay whatever bills come your way on this ticket fallout

LESSON LEARNED = Don’t Get Traffic Violations when driving a Rental Car
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Dec 18, 2007
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Thanks for the replies.

I'm going to own up to it later this week. Hopefully they'll make it not too impossible to pay, but we'll see...