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[Sportchek] YMMV CCM Fitlite 3DS hockey helmet & cage combo $224 sportchek square one

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  • Dec 30th, 2018 8:22 pm
Dec 30, 2006
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YMMV CCM Fitlite 3DS hockey helmet & cage combo $224 sportchek square one

I was hunting for hockey helmet deals and disappointed but by chance at square one today and sportchek had CCM Fitlite 3DS hockey helmet & cage combo for only $224 vs $349 normally. The helmet alone without cage was same price approx I saw!

Also I got the last medium in the colour I wanted and it was the display model so they gave me 10% off more. They wouldn’t do the 20% Boxing Day sale with this helmet combo already being discounted but you can try to ask!

Even when I was looking at other online retailers the cage and helmet seemed lowest around $274.

This is YMMV because I’m not sure if this is same price at other Sport Chek stores and the sizing is likely limited. I got the last medium in black with red venting but there are other colours.

Seems like great helmet. I spent a lot of time trying to research how to evaluate helmet quality for safety and notice huge price differences between cheaper and more expensive and wondering whether really worth high cost. On one hand it’s my head and most important part to protect so why go cheap? But on the other hand who wants to pay more than you need. But with this deal I feel like I get a high quality helmet and good price so good all round

Hope this helps someone

If anyone is at other Sport Chek and sees same pricing let us know. Online pricing said $349 still last time I checked so that’s why I wonder if it’s just mark down at square one location?
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Feb 2, 2011
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New Westminster
Great deal ops
if i recall ccm also licensed high tech impact absorbing D30 foam inside their top tier helmets that suppose to absorb impact,
Also it is licensed to motocycle apparel and the stunt industry "stuntpads" hip and tailbone pieces he said was $250 bucks for the set .....
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Apr 13, 2008
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By the way, the CCM Fitlite 3DS is 25th on the safety list and scored 1 star.