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Spotify vs Youtube - Which one do you prefer?

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  • Aug 7th, 2021 2:09 am

Poll: Which one do you prefer? Spotify vs Youtube

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Sep 10, 2005
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Gedfrad wrote: I currently use YouTube Music Vanced and it's been working great for me. It's open source and free. There are YouTube and YouTube Music versions. The apps block all the ads and you can listen to YouTube Music and YouTube with the screen off. Here's the link to download the app. I think you need to give the app special permissions when you install it and you have the option to not root your device which is what I did.
Bit of a minor correction here but the Vanced apps are not open sourced. They're modified versions of the original apps.

As to the topic at hand, I personally don't feel like paying for YouTube Premium to get rid of ads when most content has moved to a sponsorship model. Sure, you get rid of the YouTube inserted ads but you still have to deal with sponsors. But I also don't cast YouTube to any devices so I can see how it is worth it in that way to some people.
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Jun 3, 2010
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Richmond Hill
tablo13 wrote: I'd say YouTube Premium is the better deal. YouTube Music has better sound quality than Spotify (256kbps AAC vs 320kbps Ogg Vorbis). Combine that with the ad-free YouTube experience, which isn't as easily available with ad blockers on certain platforms.

Never really liked Spotify. Also Spotify has some BS rules around family plans. My dad cancelled Spotify Premium Family and my mom and my sister couldn't start a Premium Duo plan due to restrictions. "You can only join someone else's Family plan every 12 months"... My sister had to start her own Premium Student subscription instead, with my mom opting out of Spotify Premium. I assume that is to discourage Family group sharing between friends or strangers, but WTF???

For me personally, I am an Apple Music fan since 2018. Used Spotify here and there but it just wasn't as good as Apple Music. The suggestion algorithm of Spotify did nothing good either except the Daily Mixes. The no additional charge lossless feature on Apple Music just might be what makes me stay with Apple Music. My birthyear would be considered generation Z or zoomer, but I really don't get people who listen to spoonfed playlists (especially algorithm generated)....
I have been using Spotify for years...started with the free account when they first came into I have setup a family plan for my family. I have never been that discerning in terms of the output quality of the stream, i.e. 256kbps AAC vs 320kbps Ogg Vorbis. I don't have amazing speakers or headphones that I listen to anyway, so the differences are lost on me. I do use my Sonos speakers mostly, and then in my car when driving. So streaming quality difference, I can't tell. I am actually a part of my friend's YouTube Music family, so I have YTM too. I cannot hear the quality difference when I use either one of these services. I also don't play the music loud enough to catch nuances like this.

As for being tied into a family for 12 months, YTM does that too. My friend asked me to join his family to try out YTM so I did. It was THEN that I found out that because of this, my Google account (I'm on Android) is locked into HIS family for 12 months. So essentially, I pulled out of my OWN family and joined I cannot go back to my actual Google Family account to have a joint (family) calendar and such. Well, I can, after 12 months. So ... yeah, Google / YTM does the same thing with this 12 months thing.

As for algorithm generated playlists? I like them. It saves me time in hunting down lesser heard songs. I use those generated playlists to get new music. I don't listen to thost playlists because I believe in them...Some of those songs I don't like so I will skip them, some are OK, but some I add to my regular playlist. The two "generated" lists that I use regularly are "Discovery Weekly" and "Release Radar".

Discovery is the weekly list of "What Spotify feels you might have missed out based on your past week's listening pattern". I have picked up quite a few songs from this list to add to my regular playlist over the years.

Release Radar is the new song release from artists that you are following or similar genre. Again, some I like, some I don't. I have added some songs from this list throughout the years as well.

I think in the end, you just find the music service that you are comfortable with. Some just fit better for your use than others. In comparing both Spotify and YTM, I don't think the music collection is that much different. I have not found one service to have more music that I listen to over the other. On the YouTube video side, I use an ad-blocker so I was ad free to begin with. But yeah, ad free videos is a big thing and I will agree on that front for YouTube Premium if you do not use an ad blocker.
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Jul 23, 2021
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I tried a couple of service myself lately and I really like Spotify. The recommendation engine is good and don't make many mistake.

On the other side, Deezer seem to recommend me only popular thing and don't go into more little artist.

For Youtube Music, I don't like that it mix video of any source with the music. You end up with some sound with concert version and some weird thing sometime. I really wanted to like YMusic since 1 subscription include adblocking on all devices + music but it's not for me.

And now, I think I will take a look on Apple Music for the fun. I agree with toram23901. They all seem to have a similar catalog. You end up more shopping for the service that offer you the best experience rather than the content.