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Squealing Noise from Old Dryer Repair or Replace

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Nov 23, 2012
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Squealing Noise from Old Dryer Repair or Replace

I have this very old Kenmore dryer (like 30+ year old one) that still work well, but in the past few days if I use it for more than one consecutive load on the second load it will start making this squealing noise every so often.

I'm not a very handy person, and doesn't really have an idea how to repair it myself. Thus my question would it be worth calling in a repair person to try take a look at the unit or would it make more sense just to buy a replacement outright? If repair seems to be a better idea, any suggestion for a good repair person?

I'm located in the North Scarborough area by the way.

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Dec 27, 2007
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Ypu don't need to be handy to take the cover off and just do an inspection.

Best part about noise is you just listen to where it's coming from. No need to be certified or anything, and then you know the problem.

Old units are built great. If you change yo a new one you might get 10 years before you will contemplate the same thing
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You only live once, get a v8


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