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Locked: Bottega Veneta Black Intrecciato Bifold Wallet $390

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  • Feb 25th, 2020 9:41 pm
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Jul 10, 2004
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jeff1970 wrote: This is one of the more interesting threads I've read here at RFD. Basically because these wallets are geared mainly to men. Most men I know own the Costanza wallet. And 95% of them have zero fashion sense. Myself included, excluding wallets. But today I realized that some men really do want to make a fashion statement with their wallet, and name brand appeal is also very important to some of them, not all though (a nice wallet is super important to me). Nothing wrong with this. I always had assumed that fashion accessories, excluding jewellery and watches, were only important to women. Not trying to be sexist. I just never realized this. It reminds me when I was younger and buying fashion jeans were important (True Religion, 7 for all Mankind, Paper Denim, etc), I just never thought that wallets could or would be a fashion statement. This is for a handful of reasons: 1) woman DO notice the clothing men wear, good or bad (whether or not the men are making a statement), Jewelry and watches too 2) owners of this wallet will not get notice (because it spends 99% of its time in your pocket) unless .... 3) Constanza wallet. This Botegga will not protect you from this. if anything, it will make it worse, as you have to have a good amount of cash in it to make it worth while (at least $1,000 -- so at least 10 $100 bills or 20 $50 bills), not to mention cards and receipts.

But interesting none-the-less. And I won't fault anyone for buying this wallet, nor would I fault someone that finds it crazy to spend anywhere between 1 hour to 3 days worth of salary on this.

Mind you, if I was a major league sports player in his prime, this would make a nice gift for the boys, I suppose (though I would still get them a Bellroy).
You're overthinking it. Some people just want a really nice wallet. Anybody that sh-ts on that has issues empathizing with others.