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stainless clad cookware

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Dec 15, 2017
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stainless clad cookware

I'm looking for advice on getting some good quality clad stainless cookware. The more reviews I read online the more confused I get. I see a lot of complaints about food getting stuck or burnt on to stainless. I have been cooking on cheap stainless steel for all my life. In my experience, food always sticks to stainless no matter what and you deglaze to get the burnt bits off. The only way this doesn't happen is if the stainless is screaming hot and oiled well and you are cooking with no sauce, sugars, etc. Am I wrong? Do people actually expect stainless to be non-stick when doing something like a stir fry?

When I do stir fry on the stainless wok I use a metal spatula. Once food starts to stick it is scraped off the bottom, HARD. Like with a lot of force. Is this wrong? Do people gently stir around food over high heat with silicone spatulas and expect non-stick?

Second I see all these people say, oh you have to gently scrub with bar keepers friend. They complain about staining on the bottom of pots. My current pots are cheap $10 ikea ones that are paper thin. I clean them like I have cleaned any other stainless pots, with a hard steel or copper scrubby. If food is stuck on the bottom I put the pot firmly on the bottom of the sink and put my weight into the scrubby, and scrub the sh1t out of it until its clean. I've always thought you could do this with stainless because it was supposed to be nearly indestructable. None of my $3 a piece pots and pans have any kind of staining on the bottom. I have never used anything but dish soap and hard scrubbing to get my pots and pans clean. Am I going to ruin a set of good multi clad cookware like this?
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May 30, 2010
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What you say has been my experience too. Staining on the outside bottom are a right of passage for well used pots.
We have a similar 5 ply, for almost 30 years now, and still going strong: ... 51789.html
We use them, scrape them, and clean them just like you do yours. Handles most cooking tasks at lower heat setting than that one cheap 3 ply we have for those really messy tasks like caramel.

@OP, for cleaning burnt food, I just heat it up, and "deglaze" with soppy water and a scrubbing brush. Kind of mimic the technique used by chefs to get the fond for a sauce.