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[Staples] Acer 31.5" WQHD IPS 75 Hz FreeSync $299.97

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  • Oct 20th, 2020 8:00 pm
Dec 29, 2004
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[Staples] Acer 31.5" WQHD IPS 75 Hz FreeSync $299.97 ... gy-et322qu

Four day sale, although it lists a different expiry.

IPS 75 Hz, AMD FreeSync, has speakers. 3yr warranty.

Don't know if there's any active coupons right now to bring this down more.
Thread Summary
$10 off $50 coupon which supposedly ends Oct. 31

RFDGuy Copypasta: Acer 31.5" WQHD LCD IPS ET322QU Monitor


Tweaks and Tricks
chewysc wrote: DISCLAIMER: I neither advocate or guarantee performance of my ICC profile that I'm sharing. Use it at your own risk.

Updated ICC profile has been uploaded along with PDF reports! ... sp=sharing

Settings are as follows:
Mode: User
Gamma: 2.2
Brightness: 27 (for 120 cd/m2)
Rgain: 47
Ggain: 50
Bgain: 51

All other settings left at default factory but feel free to adjust performance settings to taste.

Commentary: Man, this monitor calibrated really nicely second time around! Probably because I remembered a bit more of what I needed to do for set up.

Gamut coverage is 99.8% sRGB, 85.2% Adobe RGB and 90.2% DCI P3. Gamut volume is 134.5%, 92.7% and 95.3% respectively. I was able to achieve a measured whitepoint of 6480K. Colour Temp, Gamma and Grayscale all tracked well, especially for a budget screen.

Keigotw wrote: This monitor has PIP (Picture in Picture ) function
chewysc wrote: I just checked and it looks like it's "User" mode for both picture and color section [for the above calibration]
Wildout wrote: I just finished calibrating my monitor with a Spyder4Pro. Hooked up to a late 2013 MacBook Pro.

I was able to achieve 100% SRGB with the following settings

Mode: User
Gamma: 2.2
Brightness 23 (100 cd/m2)
Rgain: 63
Ggain: 44
Bgain: 44

Colour Temp was measured to 6514k

I didn't bother calibrating for the other colour spaces as I never use them.

I think that covers everything.

Hope that helps.
Keigotw wrote: How to enable Nvidia G-Sync on your unsupported FreeSync monitor ... nc-monitor
rui wrote: I downloaded this application Acer Display Widget from acer's site.

Previous thread from November: Link
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Oct 13, 2019
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Thanx OP, bought one, all these features+ IPS panel was a no brainer for me at that size and resolution
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Jan 14, 2007
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Both my son and I are using this monitor, great for WFH with lots of real estate to work with. Pair it with a mount and you are set to go.

I think there's a generic $10 coupon going around from Staples.
Dec 29, 2004
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I bought the Amazon one for $250 yesterday:
amazon-ca-prime-day-acer-qhd-32-60-hz-i ... 9-2409614/
Now expired.

For the extra $50 ($40 after coupon?) this one adds:
- 75 Hz vs 60
- AMD FreeSync
- Speakers

Otherwise the specs look the same.

In my case the slightly shorter height of the Amazon one works out better for my work space.
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Sep 18, 2019
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good monitor, got it early this year

at first it was kinda big, but you will get used to it Smiling Face With Open Mouth

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Nov 28, 2016
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quetzpro wrote: good monitor, got it early this year

at first it was kinda big, but you will get used to it Smiling Face With Open Mouth

Why didn’t I see this!

I got one and always want to get a second one and dual..
Lurking on RFD for years. Finally decided to make an account...😂
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Aug 30, 2018
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Got it for $240 plus tax a year ago from Staples with coupon. Perfect for WFH, couldn’t imagine working any other way.
Nov 2, 2007
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I was too slow to grab the Prime deal 32" Acer yesterday, and it was sold out fast. I cannot find any valid Staples coupons from $10 to $30. All codes were deemed invalid. So this is a no go either.


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