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Jul 2, 2013
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Staples return

I purchased an office chair last week for 209.99 - $10 off coupon. So 199.99 + hst which came out to 225.99 on my credit card.
I returned the chair after assembling it because it was defective but that's a whole other story (don't buy the Bilford Managers Chair)
I received a refund for 214.69 on my credit card and Staples is telling me the return amount is correct. How does this make any sense?
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Jun 4, 2018
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In mid April I bought a 27 in Samsung monitor online for curbside pickup. Got the monitor home and unpacked and used it for a couple of days before noticing a couple of dead pixels.
Called the store and they tell me no returns right now but I need a monitor so I purchase another exact model. Same thing, after using it a few hours I notice a dead pixel. Unacceptable on a brand new monitor.

I figure the chances of me getting 3 defective Samsung monitors in a row is slim so I go ahead and buy my 3rd monitor (all the same) and it appears flawless. So I'm happy with this purchase, now I have two defective monitors (which is ~ $600 worth of returns) sitting in my closet waiting for Staples to re-open their stores in Ontario so I can get a refund.

The only issue is I can't find the slip of paper they gave me at time of pickup. Since I ordered online via my Staples account and can print out the order numbers I think I'll be ok.