Starting at UVIC in sept. Career advice

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Apr 3, 2016
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Starting at UVIC in sept. Career advice

deciding between accounting, comsci/software engineering or maybe premed and pray to get into med school
which path is least likely to result in me flipping burgers 4 yrs from now

please help team
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Feb 14, 2016
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Starting Pay: Low
Difficulty getting a job: Low (relative to other degrees)
Things to consider: Need to study for CPA after school for another 2-3 years; to advance career

Starting Pay: Medium
Difficulty getting a job: Medium (relative to other degrees)
Things to consider: More work during school

Premed (and getting into med school)
Starting Pay: High (but after finishing extremely long schooling)
Risk: High; if you can't finish it; then you will be in ***** load of debt with no job
things to consider: you can't really do it unless you have passion for it cuz of amount of studying

Conclusion: Do whatever you want that will make you happy or good at
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Apr 7, 2012
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Without sounding like an a-hole, if you want a recession proof job, get into the trades.
Even with premed, you'll be paying off med school for 10
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Nov 12, 2015
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Your user name and the content of your post match quite nicely. Given that the three career paths you outline are wildly different, I get the sense you don't have any sort of idea what you want to do. For your first year, keep your options open and take a variety of things and see what you like. For example, you are going to hate your life if you take computer science for 4 years because some people on a forum told you that was the best choice and you end up hating computer science or are aren't very good at it.

In my experience, people who are smart and do well tend to find jobs other than "flipping burgers" regardless of their undergrad major.


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