Staying focused and doing well in a busy semester

Dec 23, 2016
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Staying focused and doing well in a busy semester

Hey guys, I'm entering senior year in high school so this is where everything really matters. I have trouble staying focused and sticking to a schedule, but I feel like if I ask others how they cope with many science/math courses in a single semester I'll feel a bit more confident, maybe get some advice.

My schedule for semester 1 is:
12 Biology
11 Chemistry
12 World History
12 Advanced Functions

Was wondering if any of you guys have some advice for staying focused and doing well?

Thanks so much!
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Jan 3, 2009
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I think the fact you recognize the importance of this time in your life puts you ahead of many in your class.

High school is EASY. Your exams are essentially straight from the textbook.

1. Pay attention in class.
2. stay on top of the content taught every day. Make sure you go home and review it and make sure you truly understand it. If you stay on top of the content, you don't need to study for extended periods of time and focus becomes less important.

I would say if there is a library locally, I would go there to study. I usually say HOME is for rest, watching TV, hanging out. There are often too many distractions at home and when there are distractions, it feels like you are studying for 5 hours a night and that isn't sustainable. Reviewing content and doing homework really shouldn't take more than 1 to 1.5 hours a night as a senior and most weekends off expect around exam time.
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Mar 6, 2015
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Extending from niroopq's comment, find a location where you can sustain your study away from distractions more or less throughout the semester. Library is often a good choice due to proximity to home, its quiet surrounding inside and outside itself and additional books, data and media for references.
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