Still eligible for EI top up after getting called back to PT work?

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  • Jun 12th, 2021 6:43 pm
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Still eligible for EI top up after getting called back to PT work?

So I got a casual job a while ago just to keep busy and in an area I like, and due to the shut down in NS, and having the hours, I qualified for EI and got it. Due to the nature of the casual work, I was working between 2-6 days a week on and off prior to layoff, and with the changes they made I automatically qualified for 50 weeks @ $500/wk (despite averaging less than that per week).

Now I'm back, and even more casual since they're doing a slow reopening plan, so will likely not hit $500 most weeks, primary reason for the job is to keep busy.

In short, am I still eligible for the $500, (less 50% I believe?) of my earnings? On one hand, it seems like a raw deal to not only have to work, and also end up with less money than someone still on benefits, but on the other, it's probably going to eventually end up being close to what I was making before, so seems like it's not right to end up a couple hundred a week better off from the tax payer for the next 45 weeks, just because I happened to have a 5 week layoff inter spaced in there. Finally, with the amount of money the gov't is spending I highly suspect tax increases are on the way, so I don't want to leave money on the table I'm legally eligible for.

Naturally easy solution would be to call and talk to an agent, but I'm not a fan of being on hold for hours on end, and was thinking that this can't be that uncommon a situation.
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Yes if you are making less than $1,000 with the new minimum $500 per week EI benefit (which goes till end of September I believe), you will get something as long as you qualify for EI and your job pays less than this amount.

CRB is going to $300 per week from next month so it’s best to take any job you get for now.