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Jun 21, 2003
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Stroller deals?

My daughter is coming up on 2 and we still use our travel stroller system which of course is a lot bulkier than we need these days. We're looking to get a more compact one and just wondering if anyone has come across any good deals on one. We don't even know what good prices are on these things. We ideally want one that has cup holders for parent and ideally child as well, but adult for sure. We use a cheap umbrella stroller sometimes and it's a real pain to go on a walk with a coffee.
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Sep 18, 2016
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I don't know if this is a great deal but this might be what you're looking for: https://www.thebay.com/product/joovy-ko ... olor=BLACK

In my opinion, get a 3-wheel stroller like BoB or Bumbleride. You won't regret it! Price is worth the quality. They're good for city or trails and my kids fit them till they're 5. I don't see any on sale although they were on Black Friday.