Studied the wrong degree, not sure what to do next

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  • Nov 10th, 2019 2:29 pm
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Dec 18, 2007
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If it's not too late, get a business minor.
Even if it delays you graduating a semester or 2, I'd still think it would be worth it.
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Jun 11, 2008
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If you have appropriate experience, it doesn't really matter what you studied in school. Most important is get your foot into somewhere and get started ASAP.

Also, don't drown yourself in more student debt unless you know concisely what you are doing. Many advanced programs may only be useful in specific scenarios, so you may not get the intended ROI towards your career if you pick a wrong program. I would recommend the college route if you're looking for further education, as it provides a more practical set of skills.
Jun 2, 2012
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OP, your attitude is going to destroy you!

Yes, you are absolutely right that the jobs out there for political scientists are scarce and require further education. That’s kind of obvious. It’s not exactly a hot or large field. And if you really thought that an undergraduate political science degree would, in the absence of a graduate degree, get you a job as a political analyst you clearly did no research. (Even as a backup to what happens if you don’t get into a Canadian law school, all of which are rather competitive admissions wise)

However, there is no such thing as the wrong degree. If you look at job postings, many simply ask for a minimum education of a bachelor plus some basic skills that you should be able to demonstrate through part time jobs/volunteer positions/extracurriculars. You have a bachelor. Therefore you meet the minimum qualifications for thousands of jobs. Literally.

Going into accounting from a political science background is to me, insanity. You have no proven aptitude for it, nor does it seem to be of any real interest to you. Same goes for IT. You have literally zero interest in either aside from looking at them as ‘easy’ ways out of your ‘horrible’ situation.

If you do want to go that route:

Take a cheap $300 H&R tax preparer course and see if it’s something that you can do even at that level. Do well and H&R will give you part time, low pay work to start gaining experience as you work towards cpa.

Take a cheap intro to coding class and see if that’s something that interests you or that can realistically do well with practice.

In the meantime start applying to anything that you meet minimum requirements (ie bachelor) for and see what sticks. You should be sending a minimum of 40 applications a day. That’s 5 for every hour of a typical 8 hour workday and 12 minutes an application. Doesn’t matter the field. Any new job posted on any job board that seems in the ballpark of your skills, apply for it.

It may seem stupid to take whatever job in any field, but that goes on your resume as real work experience that you extrapolate from.

But this whole ‘wrong degree’ bs is stupidity. You have the wrong attitude, or did your degree in what should have resulted in advanced critical thinking skills literally teach you nothing?

ETA: stop listening to the people telling you that you messed up. You should not listen to useless negativity. Do they have a solution or just want to bring you down? You did not mess up by completing a degree. You will mess up if you fall into the mental trap of thinking that you have messed up.
Nov 23, 2010
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I suggest you find a job and entering to the environment to actually see what do you think, and let’s say you see something interested you, then you can consider going back!
May 2, 2014
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JcvD10 wrote: I initially had intentions of going to law school when i picked my political science degree but decided its not for me. I'm stuck with this degree now. It seems there isn't much i can do with this degree alone, and i'm not passionate about it to the extent of going to pursue a masters.

I'm thinking my only bet now is to go back to school to study something else, possibly IT & security related as i like the idea of cyber security.

But i dread the idea of going back another 4 years for an undergrad, i could really use some advice. My Uni advisors were pretty useless and never really have much to say, its as if they are there to only make people feel worse about their situation.

Worst part is i get to hear all my family & friends badger me about how i messed up :(
your masters does not need to be in political science....


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