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Sublet Tenant Laws

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May 14, 2019
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Sublet Tenant Laws

Here is a rundown of my situation:

I have a sublet, the full year is passed and we are now on month to month. I have a lease agreement with her that she is under the same lease agreement I am under with my direct landlord (requires 60 days notice). She does not have a direct relationship with the landlord and deals strictly with me. I gave our 60 days on May 1st (I move out July 1st), and she has not yet given me rent for May or notice of vacating.. and I believe she will attempt to use May as her last month and avoid paying me rent for June and or leave on June 1st to avoid a month of rent. Is this illegal? She is ignoring messages and like I said, is technically avoiding rent. Can I handle this afterwards in court, what are my rights? I believe since she did not give notice she would have to be there until the beginning of July with us as she hasn't given any notice of vacating at all. I feel I will be cheated out of a month of rent.

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You don’t give a location, so giving meaningful input is impossible. Aside from the usual “check with your local LTB”.