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Suggestions for 1 year old birthday

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Mar 8, 2010
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Suggestions for 1 year old birthday

I've been really trying to come up with a solution for a 1 year old's birthday and could really use some input

Approx. 35-40 guests - I have a fairly large family and also my friends have multiple kids ranging from 1-6.
Birthday is in mid-September, we live in Mississauga and prefer something central.
Seeing as he's a 1 year old he won't remember it, but there will be children there that would need entertaining.

We don't think we can accommodate that many guests in our house.

What foods should we serve that can cater to parents that are running around looking after their kids and mingling with guests?
What venue ideas do you have? We've thought about having it at a park and rent a bouncy castle, but then food might be an issue.

Any input would be helpful, thank you
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Mar 31, 2008
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Find someone with a condo party room and ask to rent it out. Than just get takeout cater food from a restaurant and have it buffet style. Maybe some kid friendly foods like Fries too just in case. Not sure what your culture is, but I guess some cultures are easier to host than others (i.e. Giant noodle dish, giant rice dish, vegtables). Some community centers rent halls out for that. For entertainment, a longer table with a bunch of colouring contraption is fine. Either can colour on the whole table that is covered in paper, as well as provide colouring stencil sheets for more detailed colouring. Make sure whatever you get is washable. If you have some toy trucks, type things, ask them to bring that. Kids up to 4-5 will ride those things.

Make sure to have large garbage bags. Everything is throwaway stuff. Water, basic pop. BYOB, but also provide some beers. Maybe some wine too. Getting a bunch of kids together, they'll just have fun running around at that age.
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NOT centre of Univer…
i would see if you can find a large open space like a community centre, even a gym at a school (if your district does it that). A park will work, but I am always concerned with weather. Keep the foods simple to cocktail buffet and kid friendly. Things that don't have a lot of sauces that can be spilled (dips are fine), better if you can eat wth your hands instead of utensils. I have liked doing a sandwich bar, skewers, and finder foods.

If the kids are all different ages, I would set up stations. A few of crafts station, maybe a cookie/cupcake decorating, games station. You can also have one or two larger planned activities like a a small bouncy castle, Musial chairs, etc.
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