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Suggestions for Ipad keyboard folio

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  • Dec 30th, 2012 10:19 am
Aug 29, 2008
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Suggestions for Ipad keyboard folio

Got a new ipad4 - looking to get a keyboard folio. I would be using it for doing a small amount of work during travel, as well as email. Would also value something that isn't too thick when folded.

Here are a couple I was looking at: ... d_i=915398

Kensington ... 99OEC8HUGB

Zaggfolio ... b_title_ce

Review for all seem good. The Logitech looks to be a bit thinner, and I like the look of the Zaggfolio but not sure if either are worth the extra cost compared to the Kensington.

Opinions appreciated.
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Dec 10, 2004
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The logitech's are the favoured one over the Kensington at work. Nobody has taken the Kensington, whereas the Logitech has gone to 10+ people without being returned. I liked the feel of the keyboard on the logitech over the kensington.


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