Sun Peaks - Where to Stay for Young Kids...

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Jan 4, 2004
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Sun Peaks - Where to Stay for Young Kids...

So I'm taking my family of 4 on their first ski trip; I took my older son who was 3 at the time to whistler, and did a 3 day lesson, and also did another 3 days of lessons at seymour. He was able to Pizza down the magic carpets at that time.

We skipped last year just cause we were busy with a move and such.

But now, my kids are 5/3. I am planning a trip to sun peaks this xmas, and just wondering where is the best place to stay. My considerations are I want to be convenient for the kids to drop them off in the mornings, and also to go out for a quick run after dinner if they please.

I need to have a kitchenette just because going out to dinner is usually a stressful event with these 2, so i'd rather just eat in and bring some frozen lasagna/pizza and such.

I'm thinking Hearthstone or Fireside, but am also wondering if things like sundance estates or stones throw is too far...its really annoying planning for kids, cause i want to be as stress free as possible, but also not spend tonnes :)
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Dec 1, 2006
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I stayed at Hearthstone Lodge #228 (LQ+QM), and the location was fantastic. Units were a bit worn, but the setup worked perfect for a family of 4 with young kids in ski school/daycare each day. You step outside into the village for food. Ski lockers are easy access. Breakfast and lunch in the unit and dinners out.