sunlife dcpp and tfsa allocation

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Mar 15, 2010
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sunlife dcpp and tfsa allocation

Hi my employer uses sunlife for their pension %2.5 from weekly pay, employer puts in %6, and also offers TFSA and RRSPs with low low fees.

The TFSA all have the same fees as the DCPP except one fund. BLK US EQUITY INDEX (TFSA $19.0753) is 0.17%, while BLK US EQUITY INDEX REG (DCPP $25.4372) is 0.16% What is the big difference btwn these two funds?

Currently I have my DCPP and TFSA allocation as:

15% TDAM Cdn Bond Index Fund---------15% TDAM Cdn Bond Index Fund
20% TDAM Cdn Equity Index Fnd----------20% TDAM Cdn Equity Index Fnd
25% TDAM Intl Equity Index Fd-------------25% TDAM Intl Equity Index Fd
40% BLK US Equity Index Reg ---------------40% BLK US Equity Index

I have this way after reading the canadian couch potato td model portfolio, which I know is totally different. Should I keep what I have as is? Any tweaks I should make?

I also have $510 in MFS Intl Equity for my DCPP, I don't use it anymore as the fee is 0.63%. Should I leave it or transfer the money to another fund?
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Oct 31, 2012
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You could ask your employer or sunlife about the differences between the funds. Those MERs are pretty low!
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Mar 16, 2010
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I did a 1/3rd split between three equity (CDN, US and INTL) funds in my own Sunlife account DCPP, but what you have there is fine. Maybe allocate a little less to the U.S if I really wanted to poke holes.

The only thing I could point to is through Sunlife you can get access to actively managed funds for ridiculously low fees. If you see a really sexy fund for a low cost you could allocate a bit to that if you wanted to diversify and get a bit of a higher Sharpe.

I'm guessing the difference between the two is one has REG in it, likely indicating registered and might have some tax advantage or something unique to it that makes it for registered accounts. I could be wrong but that's usually what it means.


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