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Swanson Vitamins (Swanson Health) - Bad News Ordering

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Oct 13, 2007
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Swanson Vitamins (Swanson Health) - Bad News Ordering

Has anybody dealt with this nightmare outfit? They recently had an advance Memorial Day sale with some good pricing so thought that I would take a chance. I normally deal with one of their competitors in the U.S. as well. I noticed that they use Landmark Global with flat fee shipping to Canada. It is the same service used by the competitor and I would always get my order in one week as the order is duty free and GST is paid to the vendor.

The first hiccup is that I noticed the status of my order was "on hold". Apparently, this is "standard" although they don't tell you ahead of time. Apparently, they do this to check if you are ordering restricted items. The competitor's site does this automatically and you would not be able to place your order if you have restricted items in your cart. I complained as the e-mail said that it would be released in two to three days so I got that expedited and the order "released". The Landmark Global tracking is typically fast and efficient with frequent updates and it zips through customs.

I have been checking the tracking on this order and it is stuck with the only entry being "Shipment Data Uploaded". This is usually there for only a maximum of two days but has been like this since May 22nd.

When I inquire from Swanson, the robots send me the tracking link and tell me to wait ten business days for delivery despite my explaining to them that the tracking is not moving. They are either not looking at the tracking or just spew out robotic boiler plate answers. Seriously, do they expect that I'll receive the item by the tenth day despite the fact that there is no tracking movement?

I guess that I have no choice now but to wait until the tenth business day which does seem futile.

I would like to warn others about ordering from here and wonder if anybody has had good or bad experience to relate.
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Jan 6, 2004
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I recently ordered from them and the package arrived in a few days. Maybe one off?
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