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Switching low-use Router for Better Signal

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Switching low-use Router for Better Signal

My mom's house currently has a D-Link 885L that needs to be at one extreme end of the house due to the location of the DSL cable (upstairs front room) but most of her usage is in the other extreme (main floor back family room).

This arrangement results in what seems to be the weakest signal in the house regardless of how I arrange the antennae so I've been thinking of upgrading her modem.

When I changed modems at my house to the Asus AC RT-86U I had a significant increase in both speed and signal throughout however since she lives on her own and usage is minimal (video calls, little internet, monitoring cameras, thermostat), I'm looking for something a little cheaper than that unit.

Are there any recommendations for a router that could result in improved signal and speed?

There are a couple of ongoing deals with TP-Link AC1900 Wireless - Archer C80 at $79.99 and TP-Link WiFi 6 – ax10 for $89, both on Amazon, but not sure if they'll provide similar performance boost as the Asus 86U.
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Save yourself the hassle of upgrading your WIFI AP and finding that the signal is still unacceptable, Go with powerline ethernet to extend your WIFI to elsewhere in the house
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whole house only have 1 Phone jack?
if have other phone jack, you can move the DSL modem ( if phone jacks are connected together)
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