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switching TPMS sensor from one set of wheels to another

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Jul 17, 2016
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switching TPMS sensor from one set of wheels to another

Strange question...

Purchased a set of winter tires with steel rims last year for my 2017 Toyota Corolla. A family member works for an auto parts distributor so was able to get me a good deal on the rims. At the time of purchase, the family member told me that it came up in her order system that my vehicle required TPMS. So I said sure order the sensors as well. So the sensors were put on this set of tires, but in the end it turns out my car doesn't actually have TPMS. $200 down the drain, but oh well, lesson learned, I should have checked my dash to see if I had TPMS.

Now this year, I purchased a set of winter tires for our second car which is a 2010 Toyota Corolla. Well wouldn't you know it, that the 2010 does indeed have TPMS.

So my question.... Am I able to remove the sensors off the 2017 set of tires, and put them on my new set for the 2010?

Thanks in advance
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If the 2 vehicles list the same TPMS sensor it should be possible. By the time you factor in the cost of breaking down 4 tires, replace the valve stems and rebalance the tires, you are likely near the $200 mark. Not worth it in my opinion. Besides having sensors could be a feature should you ever sell the tires in the future.


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