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[Swoop ultra low fares] Swoop Abbotsford BC to YEG $9 one way all in

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  • Oct 6th, 2018 12:49 pm
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Apr 23, 2014
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FatWallet wrote: And I was saying that is not the worst issue because legroom is the thing that can have a direct effect on health. I'm 6' 7" so I know of what I speak.

If someone is obese, only then is width much of an issue.
Well I don't know why you're quoting me then and talking about pitch.

You yourself say if someone is obese, then width is an issue. OP had said that 2 big guys sat next to him and hence width is the issue for him.
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Aug 22, 2003
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sellurcell wrote: I am looking to fly the same route. Mind telling me how much you paid? Trying to see what a good deal is on this flight path.

$312 return including pre-purchasing a pre-selected seat and a luggage, taxes in.
Feb 29, 2012
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rad456 wrote: Do you consider the Edmonton Airport Improvement Fee as part for the fare or tax? AIF is $30 itself
base fare but even then, worth it for the convenience
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Jul 7, 2004
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Flying Swoop next weekend, we'll see how it goes. I'm 6'3" 250lbs so I know it's going to suck but I paid $400 taxes in for four of us to go from Winnipeg to BC. I'll suck it up for a few hours. I get home 10:30PM and have an important meeting the next morning (set after I made the flight) so really hope I don't get screwed.