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Jul 5, 2011
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CALGARY Experience and Service Review

Heads up - This is long but I figured its best to share my complete experience rather than just saying I was impressed with

So my kids were begging me to pick them up some Plants Vs Zombies Stuffies so I started looking around to see where they could be found. The majority of sites I found were based in China and located on Aliexpress. While I have heard of Aliexpress, I have never purchased anything from the site.

Then I came across a website called that had a set of 24 PvZ stuffies at a reasonable cost and with free shipping. They also had some extra large PvZ stuffies that I was interested in as well. The site had a ton of other items for sale with prices ranging from being very reasonable to just average. I did some further research on the site and came up with nothing. I could not find a single review of the website besides the blog postings that were advertisements rather then actual reviews. Over all the site looked legit - your typical Chinese site that had the usual English spelling mistakes and the odd technical glitch, but still very professional looking.

To me, both websites were unknowns as I had yet to order anything from either before. I have experience with ordering from China via Ebay, but never outside of Ebay's safety net. I was at a loss... Do I go with Aliexpress with the more expensive stuffies with shipping costs, or risk it on this unknown site?

I figured before pulling the trigger on anything, I would test the sites customer service first and see what sort of reply I would get. Luckily they had a online chat service so I started it up. Within a few seconds an agent came online. I told him I was interested in the PvZ stuffies but was concerned about the relativity unknown state of the website. He explained that it was a new company that was started late last year and that they were still trying to become popular. We chatted some more and then I let him go. After some thought, I figured by using my internet credit card (this is a credit card with a low limit and which I only use for internet purchases), I could risk it as the credit card company would provide me consumer protection in case did take my money and run.

So I made an account with Sygmall and started the purchase process. I immediately ran into an issue as the web address form was broken for entering the Canadian province. Not a great start! So I started up the chat window again and got the same guy. I explained the problem and he thanked me for bringing it up. He said he would have a programmer look into it immediately. We ended up chatting some more and it turns out that I was chatting with the CEO of the company (apparently his other agents were *busy*). This was a first for me as I never expected to talk to the top dog in such a company. We talked about his company and how he had gotten to where he is at now. The fellow had gone to the USA and went to University, graduated and then worked for a bunch of years (in the states), followed by moving back to China to start the business. I ended our candid conversation by pointing out some things to fix on his website (spelling/grammar/script issues) and then left as it was late. This conversation gave me much more confidence in his company.

The next morning I checked and sure enough the glitches had been fixed and the province was selectable so I placed my order for 24 PvS stuffies and 2 large PvZ stuffies (over $100). I added the $2 extra shipping charge for tracking the parcel. They offered both regular China mail (which was free and what I picked) as well as a courier if you wanted it fast (but not free). It was expected to take 3 weeks to arrive. During those three weeks I had a few email exchanges with the owner as I found a few more web site issues (which he had fixed). In the end instead of taking 3 weeks, it took 4 weeks for the parcels to arrive (no duties or GST requested from me by Canada Post!!!). During this time he kept me up to date via email as to where the parcel was. Apparently the shipping agent he had chosen turned out to be a dud as they wasted a week getting my parcel into the Chinese mail system when it should of only taken a few days. He said he wouldn't be using that company any more.

So in the end, I received my 24 small PvZ stuffies plus the two large PvZ stuffies for my kids. I now have a few months worth of bargaining stuffies to get my children out helping with the lawn cutting duties plus any other help I need around the house. I was very impressed with in the end, even with the unfortunate mail delay. I will definitely order from them again in the future.

As a side note, I made a request to the CEO to bring in a specific type of in-car video camera (FULL HD 1080P Car Camera DVR GS1000 HDMI Night Vision Vehicle Black Box + GPS Logger G-sensor) that I was interested in that I was having trouble locating at a reasonable price. Within 2 days he had the supplier and the camera online for ordering and at a very reasonable price. I will definitely be ordering it next once I save up a few bucks.

Just to be clear, I have no relationship with this company beyond what I've just explained above. I live in Canada (born and raised) and this has been my first experience with a Chinese company outside of EBay's protective shelter. After my pleasant experience with it, I felt it was my duty to share it with you guys as many of the choices on the websites are great deals. They carry a huge amount of odd items - even wedding dresses (??HUH??). Yes, it is crazy but hey, product diversity seems to be big business so the more items you carry, the better off you are I guess. He also appears to be very open regarding getting items that people want. Not a bad thing in my books!

Hopefully you experience mirrors my own (but with a better shipping experience) and you enjoy your purchases.



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