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Wondering if folks have recommendations for printing a softcover book of about 40 pages? Spiral bound might be ideal as it's for a cookbook with a fair number of photos. We're in Vancouver and local would be ideal, but not necessary. Thanks


... but I am looking for a tripod to go with my brand new Canon camera that I bought recently. Anyone have any recommendations for a budget around $100? I found 2 that are on my wishlist so far: 1) 2) ...


I need to get a 8x11 picture printed ASAP within 24 hours. Anyone know what is open to print online or go in and get it printed? Any suggestions? Located in Toronto


Despite denying persistent rumors that it would exit the camera business, Olympus is doing exactly that. The company has announced that will sell its camera business to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), the same company that purchased Sony’s VAIO PC division (via The Verge). Olympus will now focus on...


I am parting ways with my 5D mark IV in excellent condition for the R5. Where is a good place to sell the camera locally? Kiji or is there a dedicated camera buy and sell website?


I have an old DSLR, Sony a 200, how much is it worth now, with stock lens. And where to sell camera other than kijiji.


Hey guys, Can some suggest the best phone for taking selfie? I'm looking for a smart phone other than iphone.


... I'm getting a bit more into landscape photography and looking for a few tips from those who have more experience - so that I can buy accordingly. 1. Tripod I use a Manfrotto BeFree Color and it doesn't take L-brackets as it's not Arca Swiss compatible. I was told I can change the tripod clamp ...


So I see that Samsung made the NX2000 a few years back which ran Android in a mirrorless camera body with interchangeable lenses. But it was discontinued. So why did this product category not become mainstream? Imagine having the power of Google's Pixel camera app with the larger sensor of a mirrorl...

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Hi folks Subject says it all I have found loads of different labels in gold,silver fluresent and black and white But I need 1" or 1.5" round and rectangular 2x1 If anyone knows please help AliExpress has a few options but shipping will take months I need sooner than that . Thank you


Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a company that does footage like the link below? We know there are several that do the footage and edits very well, but we're looking for the edits that detail the specifics in a creative way. Thanks!


Google showed to clean sensor. Can anyone advise how to fix it? Thanks.


For those who own a Nikon D600, you may know that Nikon extended the warranty on the D600's shutter due to the issue with oil splatter/spots on the sensor from the shutter. They agreed to service the camera's shutter and clean the sensor for an interminate period of time at their cost at the time of...

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Hey guys, my home computer is getting too slow these days. Work just got me a new MacBook pro. and I'm thinking of using it to edit my photos. But obviously, it's a work laptop so I don't want to save too many personal files there. What's the best set up to take advantage of the fast computer but ha...


Hi all, I have a RX100 MK1 that has lens issue where it comes out half way then gets stuck. Is going to Sony for repair the best bet? Don't really want to shell out $1k+ for a new one since the Mk1 still pretty good.


I backup my photos to google photos and amazon photos but am looking for a relaible full resolution service. dont mind paying, but what is everyone using. I have about 100,000 family photos so far that I want to keep safe after backing them up in multiple hdds ect.


I am looking to buy a drone (Mavoc Mini), and I want to insure it. I understand State Farm does it in USA, but Desjardin (the "State Farm" of Canada) does not offer this. I have been looking around and I have not been able to find any sort of personal articles insurance. I am not looking for liabili...


I need to get a 8x11 picture printed ASAP within 24 hours. Anyone know what is open to print online or go in and get it printed? Any suggestions? Located in Toronto


Welcome any suggestions for a starter camera for stop motion. This would be for teenage kids. Prefer to keep it under $500 if possible. Also, any suggestions for which software to use. Thanks.

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A little bit confused as to how this is all calculated. GoPro8's spec is it could need up to 100mbps write speed sometimes, doesn't that translate to only 12MB/S? I purchased the Samsung Evo Plus 128gb U3 from amazon based on a lot of reviews saying this card is the minimum. ...


I have been using Flickr since 2007 and it was my favourite platform for displaying my photography and searching for inspiration. Recently Flickr changed hands and the new owners doubled it's prescription amount and made a 1000 photographs limit for free accounts. Along with many other users I was s...


I have a dell u2413F 24'' and am looking to get a 27'' as the main and use the dell as the 2nd monitor side by side. I just want better viewing experience as side by side to my macbook pro it's not as nice. But I'm wondering how much I have to spend to get as nice of a monitor to match macbook pro l...

way Some simple handheld shot of various animals at the Toronto zoo (Hippo and baboon) handheld EF 24-70 IS L. We've really come a long way for video quality and the amount of details is simply...


Where would be the best and cheapest place to get this done? I know someone here posted a place they found online and was happy with the quality, but I cannot find the thread. Something like this.


Hi where's the best place to get all my old photos scanned into digital in the kitchener-waterloo area? I have over a 1000 photos that need to be scanned. I'd rather pay a little more for high quality scanning and removing dust/artifacts/folds. Any recommendations? Thanks!


I bought these on eBay 5 years ago, they are the same you can find on AliExpress, the black lining that holds the white sheets has disintegrated into dust. Have you ever seen them sold separately?


Hello, I have never had a professional photo done and my husband and I would like to do one. Can you please recommend in the etobicoke/missisauga area affordable and quality photography studios? TIA!


I have a GF1 that I haven't used in like 5 years and when I started playing around with it, I noticed that the shutter speed is really slow and when I have it in A mode, sometimes the shutter speed is quite long, and this leads to blurring...I'm testing it inside the home with full room lighting... ...


Hey guys, friend has a canon m50 and it's her bday coming up. I know she's got a stock kit lense setup going for her and I wouldn't mind picking up a decent variable ND filter and Polarizer that'll work well for the m50. Any specific ones that you guys have used? She's going on a whale watching trip...


... I'd probably be happier chasing deep space objects long term. I currently have a Canon T2i DSLR - crop sensor camera with a few different lenses, 18-55mm, 50mm fixed 1.8, and a 250mm. This is hopefully where your advice would come in handy. I have a budget of about $1000, I'm not against purchasing ...