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Looking forward a bag like below this but cheaper She’ll put her work laptop MS Surface, charger, and her other junk. Any suggestion? Thanks ... 90967.html


My wife is looking for leggings similar to the MEC Trek pants which were a stretchy, polar fleece legging. They were like Lycra leggings except 200 weight polar fleece and we're not right/constrictive. She's hoping for something she could layer under a skirt when working from home. What MEC has now ...


Looking to replace my wedding band and do not like online shopping so I was hoping to find a store here in the GTA that has a very large inventory of wedding bands in the GTA. Any recommendations? Thank you!


Always wondered if it's worth the premium. I mean nylon is nylon and spandex is spandex right?

canada goose

Not sure how this happened, but was taking my jacket out of the closet this morning (for the first time this season), and the fur was all scrunched up and couldn't pull apart. When I tried to pull it apart, it tore apart. Very devastated now, can I get a replacement for this fur from Canada Goose or...



Guys, looking for a place to buy coat waist or hip cinches and drawstrings... You know the cinches and bungee-like strings to adjust the waist or hip areas of a coat. Something like this from amazon. Except I dont need 40 pieces and 50ft draw string, lol. I only need 2 cinches and about 60 inches dr...


... I am looking to purchase another jacket to replace my Canada Goose parka that served me well for 9 years. I am thinking of the following brands: 1. Mackage - Look nice, but concerned about durability, jackets have lots of leather parts and I feel they are the first one to start peeling, cracking. ...


Been killing myself lugging my laptop everywhere on my back, I don't drive so i'm walking/hauling it everywhere, I think it's causing major issues for my posture. Was wondering if anyone's found anything that makes it more comfortable to carry around a laptop. I was thinking some sort of suitcase, b...


So I have these boots I love, but as an idiot, I wore them in the winter without protecting them and they got salt damaged. Anyone know a magical cobbler that can restore them? @bubble.tea maybe?


Always wondered if it's worth the premium. I mean nylon is nylon and spandex is spandex right?


Hello, looking to buy new clothes... I was wondering what the general opinion is of clothes from Mark's work wearhouse. I'm just looking at buying polos, sweaters, or jackets.



I got this credit card wallet from rfd. Looking to buy another one but forgot their name. It was quite popular on rfd Can anyone tell me ? Thanks


Fiance looking for a suit to wear for the wedding. He doesn't wear suits normally, so wondering if it's worth to just rent a suit for the day. We've looked around suits (jacket and pants) for about $300 new. How much does it cost to rent for a day? Any places to rent a suit around Markham area?


When I was a kid and teenager growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, my mom used to buy me corduroy pants for the winter. They were thick, heavy, and warm, and took a beating. I've bought cords as an adult but have never found any that were as thick and heavy as I remember. Can anyone recommend a brand ...


I'm looking for somewhere local to GTA for good quality mens' boots/shoes. Not looking for fashion footwear or handmade but something in between. I want shoes and boots that are repairable (Goodyear welted etc) and will last. There are lots of places online, mostly US, that I might try if I can't fi...


I don't watch Suits, but I see summaries of what these female characters wear in their office. Seems like inappropriate attire, and more appropriate for cocktails? Compare and contrast what they wear with The Good Fight or How To Get Away With Murder. Smh!


For about 10 years I had a pair of knockoff Uggs (I think from Costco USA) that made the absolute best indoor slippers. They are now torn and need replacing. Paying full Ugg price seems silly, does anyone know where I could find something like this? I have looked at Costco several times but their ap...


I can't go on long hikes in Timberlands or freeze in my Saucony runners anymore. The timberlands are just too heavy and I've already started noticing my feet getting cold in the runners. Does anyone have any links here for winter running shoes? Anything I should look for in particular to keep the co...


I got this credit card wallet from rfd. Looking to buy another one but forgot their name. It was quite popular on rfd Can anyone tell me ? Thanks


Hello I’ve got a 2 year old outdoor survival Canada coat (the big bulky one) and it’s definitely in need of a deep clean. A dry clean is reccomended, right? I’m at the Ossington and bloor area, can anyone I recommended a good cleaner that can do a good job with my jacket? It also has a detachable ho...

looking for

My wife is looking for some new sport bras. This is similar to what she has: She wanted to get more of the Victoria Secret ones she had but they have changed the design to include a "bra in a bra" and she doesn't like that. Looking ...

where to buy

I am looking to get a couple of Indian lungi's. These are just a couple of yards of cloth, usually sewn into a tube. I am looking for traditional, hand-loomed madras weave cotton fabric like you see in South India. There must be some stores in GTA that carry this kind of stuff?




My mom wants to shave my dad's hair and asked me to buy a hair clipper. It needs to be corded and easy to use. Any recommendations? I am looking online and am having a hard time finding something that is corded. Plus there are so many brands...I would like to spend betwween $50-$80. Thanks.


My nephew wants a watch, he's looking for a non-digital one, one with the hands. It doesn't have to be super fancy or anything but decent looking, ideally somewhat waterproof. Budget is under $120. Any suggestions?


I used to buy polo shirts (plain) from Jack and Jones, they used to have a lot of promos (buy one, get 50% off on second one, etc..). But these days there's no good deals. Any other place to buy reasonable priced polo shirts?


Having a real hard time finding 36/36 jeans. Many brands only have 36 length for 38+ waist. I'm only finding Hollister at 36/36. Where can I find something more quality in my size?


Alright fashionistas. What is fashion faux pas drives you crazy? I will get the ball rolling: men who wear white crew necks under their dress shirts and leave the neck open. It's so sloppy.