tansmission drain and refil question

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Aug 21, 2010
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tansmission drain and refil question

have a 2002 volvo s40
so just drained and refill transmission fluid...4 litres came out and added 4 litres,,,have not start the car yet..dipstick is red ...but seems way over the fill line...
should i start car ..and maybe it will go to normal on dipstick of transmission..or drain a bit til dipstick is normal

​​​​​​​my bad
right now i just put the old transmission fluid which i drained into a bucket and now i just put all that transmission fluid into the empty 1 litre transmission fluid i just bought....i see it only used 3 ...and i defenitely put 4 in the my bad i think i put 1 litre to much...
time to drain 1 litre out of transmision
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