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Targeted Public Mobile 12/120 to Koodo 6gb for $40 No Referrals

Dec 28, 2006
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Abbotsford BC

[Koodo] Targeted Public Mobile 12/120 to Koodo 6gb for $40 No Referrals

I went to my local Koodo store here at 7 oaks mall in Abbotsford BC. Talked about the email all public mobile customers had got a last week. Said I would switch later left my number. Got a call today saying corporate in a bid to up public mobile customers switch is now offering 5gb instead of 4gb for the same $40 bucks. Rep said I could also use my $100 credit on small or med. tabs. I know I do not have a link but I am sure any public mobile customer could get this if interested. Seems like a good deal.

Do NOT ask for or offer referrals in this thread or you risk infractions and/or risk the thread being locked

Do NOT use personal messages to spam referrals or you risk infractions and/or risk the thread being locked
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Koodo $40 6gb customer.
Thread Summary
>>>>>>> ONLY FOR PM customers who have the 12GB for 120$ : not available to anyone else.<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>> ONLY FOR PM customers who have the 12GB for 120$ : not available to anyone else.<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>> ONLY FOR PM customers who have the 12GB for 120$ : not available to anyone else.<<<<<<<<

The in-store promo code for 5GB is GOKOODO405GBBPO - might as well ignore this though, since you can now get 6GB for $40 with code GOKOODO406GB

No fee Sim card code is PM-SIM-0 (very YMMV)
Eligible for medium tab
Comes with $100 credit + 50$ referral before March 1st
  • Koodo 4GB earlier offer was until March 15th
  • This newest 5GB offer seems to be April 1st deadline

Please note, there should be no sim card charge as this is a migration plan.


Free SIM offer code is PM-SIM-0. The new promo code for the 5 gig offer is GOKOODO405GBBPO, just in case the agent has problems with locating the right promo. Free SIM friendly locations:

- 8709 Viau in Montréal (owner is really friendly)
- Scarborough Town Center Koodo kiosk

I have confirmed that the end date remains the same as before, March 15, 2018. There has been no official extension to the deadline as of now. The plan is eligible for no tab, small tab, medium tab, credit check dependent. There is not expiry date for the tab as it is an included feature of the plan. Note also that there was no new text message sent concerning the upgrade to the new 5 gig migration offer.

For those who have funds in the account, these can be moved over. However, the transfer of account funds is not part of the migration offer. It is a separate step. You should confirm with Koodo in advance of migration the amount of funds in the account and that they will migrate it for you following the number port. I emailed Koodo support with account information and have it in writing that the funds + tax (Public Mobile funds are after tax) will be transferred. It is very important to remember that access to the Public Mobile account is gone when the number is ported. So take screen caps of funds in account or whatever information is required prior to porting. Of course, remove auto pay.



Original text message sent by Koodo on February 15th:

Public Mobile here. Starting March 20th, 2018 your rate plan price will increase by $10 per 30 days, making your plan $150 for 90 days. But don't worry! Our sister brand, Koodo, has a way for you to keep your $40 price point. Until March 15th, 2018, join Koodo and get 4GB of data, unlimited text and now additionally get UNLIMITED CANADA-WIDE minutes for $40/month PLUS get a one-time $100 bill credit! Offer valid for 1XXXXXXXXXX. Redeem at your nearest Koodo location or online at https://koo.do/gocustomer-service. Show this msg and use promo code GOKOODO404GB to redeem along with 2 pieces of ID. Your phone number is your validation code. You're included on the list for Public Mobile offers and deals. To be excluded, reply unsubscribe. Conditions apply.


Since there's some confusion on the referral process, and having completed this process a few times myself, I have written a tutorial to guide you:

Referrer = Current Koodo Mobile subscriber who is providing the referral
Referee = Person who is not yet with Koodo but will be receiving the referral

Referral Program Website
https://referafriend.koodomobile.com/ or koodo.com/refer

Note: There are steps you must complete BEFORE you join Koodo, and there are steps you must complete AFTER you join Koodo.

  1. A) The Referrer provides a unique referral link to the referee. [Common method for friends] or B) The Referrer can enter the name/e-mail of the referee on the website and the referee will receive an e-mail invitation [Common method for family]. Either method works regardless of relationship.
  2. Either from clicking the link in A, or from clicking "Redeem" from the e-mail in B, the referee will be taken to a page to enter their name/e-mail in the referral system. This is done before you switch to Koodo. The referee enters the Name/E-mail they will be using to sign up for Koodo later in-store.
  3. The referee will receive an e-mail that says, "What happens next?" and a list of instructions. This e-mail signals it is time for you to go to the store to activate your line with Koodo. [This e-mail contains a link required for the next step]
  4. After you have activated your line with Koodo and once your number port is completed, go back to the e-mail in step 3, click "Provide Koodo Phone Number" and enter your phone number in the system. At this point your work is now complete, but the referral still needs to process in the coming weeks.

If you are the Referrer you can track the status of the process by logging into the referral website and clicking "Referral History" in the top right corner. This will show you a list of your referrals and each referral's status. Once step 2 is completed the status will say "Waiting for Account Number". Once step 4 is completed the status will change to "Verifying". Only once the status says "Verifying" has the processed completed from the customer side.

At this point it will take up to 7 business days for the referral to be reviewed by a customer service associate as a manual control check. The associate will then approve or deny your referral with a check-and-balance against fraudulent referrals. The criteria for this approval process is unknown but the overwhelming majority of referrals are approved without hassle. Once it is approved the status will change to "Approved" and move to the "Completed" section. If it is denied you will receive a reason explaining the denial. Once you are approved the $50 credit should show on your next bill, but may take up to 4-8 weeks to process.

Once the referral process is started it must be completed within 30 days. But, in order to get the promotional $50 you must activate the line by the promotional deadline of March 1, 2018. If the line is not activated by March 1, the referral will remain open but activation on March 2 or later will only receive $25. If you want to ensure you will receive the $50 promotion I recommend that you complete step 4 on or before March 1, 2018.


You cannot start referring people until your self service account is created with an active account for your phone number!


How to Switch Online to the 6Gb/$40 plan

Go to post with images: https://forums.redflagdeals.com/targete ... #p29028725



Ok, just got off the phone with a Koodo rep to clarify a few questions that have been floating around this thread:

Q: March 15? Do I have to complete the initial online order by this date? Or do I have to have the sim in hand by this date?
A: You need to complete the initial online order by this date.

I have multiple people in my family, is there a way to take advantage of the $100 referral credit as well?
A: Yes. Here are the steps:
1. Person1 get a SIM. Either online OR in-store if you are using your old phone. If you are getting it in-store, it will be activated for you. The cost of the SIM card is $15.
2. Person1 activates their self-serve account. Person1 gets their referral code and signs up Person2, Person3, and Person4.

  • Each time the referral code is used, both referee and referral will get a $100 bill credit.
  • Max referral bill credit is $300 per year.
  • If you have more than 3 family members, you can repeat the above process. For example, I have 6 family members, so I will have two people going into the store to activate a sim and each of those will be referring 2 other lines ($800 referral credits in total for the family)
  • Bonus: If you can find a friend with an existing Koodo line, you can modify the above steps to maximize your credits:
  1. KoodoFriend refers Person1
  2. [Wait for sim card to arrive]
  3. Person1 refers Person2
  4. Person1 refers Person3

Q: Can the price of the SIM card be waived?
A: Stern NO according to the Koodo rep. However, based on the testimony of several RFD users, YMMV.
Hey guys I just created a POLL would love to hear what others are doing...here’s the link...thanks. -kuzi


https://forums.redflagdeals.com/poll-yo ... #p29028877
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Jun 28, 2017
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I’d take the $100 credit if it was on a BYOD plan, not need for a new phone.
Dec 17, 2017
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For me, with my rewards, I'm paying $30 for 4 GB/mo that can roll over. That's $7.50 per gig. This latest Koodo deal is 5 GB for $40, which is $8.00 per gig.


I'm currently doing $7.50 / gb, rolloverable
Koodo is doing $8.00 / gb.

But, Koodo minutes are Canada wide minutes...
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Dec 20, 2015
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London, ON
5GB now? Is that written down anywhere?
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Oct 30, 2013
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I know people won't trust Telus anymore after last week, and I don't think it is unreasonable of the people either, but having said that...

Koodo has NEVER increased the rate plan of existing month to month customers in their history. Might make you change if you want a phone etc down the road, but it has never changed unless you want to change plan.
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Apr 19, 2011
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So, I go sign up for public mobile and get this offer. Then, I port it to my number. Right?
Rule No.1 here: Buy first, Think afterwards.
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Jan 11, 2009
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Stoney Creek, ON
With my rewards I'm still paying approx. $28 for 4GB. Now if Koodo were to offer something like half of the Christmas promo($60 for 10GB), but instead $30 for 5GB I think THAT would pull more public customers to Koodo, me included.
Dec 28, 2006
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Abbotsford BC
Yes but it is nice to have customer service. Public turned of my data once for some reason and it took 2 weeks to get through to them to fix it. The small cost is sometimes worth it.
Koodo $40 6gb customer.
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Nov 25, 2017
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hopefully they keep offering this into March since I am not switching until mid March.
May 23, 2015
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Richmond, BC
This actually doesn't seem too bad, would the price be termed if there's tab?
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Feb 11, 2005
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It's being discussed in the PM forums as well: https://productioncommunity.publicmobil ... 677/page/4
@Samianauman It's a specific deal exclusivey for pm falls promo plan holder koodo already have those plan holder number in system. That's why u were unable to get the same deal as u mentioned you don't have a fall promo plan.
ulovebass call back and confirmed. They offer 40\4Gb what they offerd (100 credit etc)+ 1Gb

They said my number is on thier list and seems like who currently on 120\12 plan can get that offer.
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Jul 31, 2010
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I also got a call from a rep at Koodo offering me this. Only thing is I took advantage of the Pixel 2 XL deal and I'm not sure how messy this will get if I cancel with Koodo for the Pixel tab and then approach them for this deal. Seems like too many account opening/closing.
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Dec 28, 2006
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Abbotsford BC
I know it is not written down but talking to the rep I am sure it is available for any public mobile customer. Telus really want us pay as you go customers to be post pay I guess.
Koodo $40 6gb customer.
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Nov 23, 2008
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That is what Telus should have done instead of the PR disaster they imposed last month.
Sep 17, 2016
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I'm tempted. Even the online shop has changed a little -- still has the $40 for 4GB option with the gokoodo404gb coupon code (no extra gig) but it now says medium tab eligible. When I first got the offer it definitely only said small.
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Aug 9, 2014
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camtheman78 wrote: I know it is not written down but talking to the rep I am sure it is available for any public mobile customer. Telus really want us pay as you go customers to be post pay I guess.
It is not "any" public mobile customer. only who has 120/12 plan now.. as I confirmed today.
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Aug 23, 2015
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Jealous of you guys, do not forget about the $50 referral credits until March 1st for those that decide to switch.
Public Mobile $23 plan, $10 credits ongoing
Koodo $29 plan with Google Pixel 2 XL, $50 credits ongoing
EBox $42, group buy $2 off
Thanks to RFD
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Feb 11, 2005
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bridonca wrote: That is what Telus should have done instead of the PR disaster they imposed last month.
Last month? It was Feb 15th Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes
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Jan 22, 2008
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They need to make this officially announced. Me and 7 of my friends are willing to switch if this becomes 5gb / $40
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Apr 2, 2015
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If they offered this before throwing out the 25% price increase im betting a ton of people would have jumped at it, me included. That being said no way ill move to another telus company when i leave the 40/12 plan.


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