Tax CPA as a second career

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Apr 29, 2017
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Tax CPA as a second career

Hello guys, especially for those working as tax accountants, I'm a CPA,cma holder and I would like to switch my career to do taxes ( personal and small biz and no other services) other than taking CPA PDPA courses what would be the best approach (assuming taking a lower salary is not an issue) to get the required to tax hours mandated by CPA:
a) applying for a tax accountant role in a small tax firm
b) find a job at big 4s
c) a better way that you guys would recommend

Background, I'm in my early 30s and have about 8 yrs working experience.

Thanks in advance guys!!
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Jan 23, 2017
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As a CPA, CMA, who was on the FPA/Budget side, and is now on the Tax Side (but I work in Government)...
8 years internal accounting to now tax, its a total change...

I would recommend that you consider staying in the FPA/Budgeting side. Build on non-tax skill sets, which can be seen beneficial to you.
If you're not getting it at your workplace, considering volunteering or joining a board (talk to the folks at luminari), so that you can learn and offer more.

Tax is highly competitive, and hard to survive in. As I've been told - "no one pays for compliance" - so unless you have something really out there to offer - then consider sticking around, than starting from scratch...
Jan 19, 2018
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I work in Tax CPA, CA. It is competitive. You can prepare returns on the side just by taking a H&R block course.
Start with that, charge $100 a return basic and $300-$500 for a T2125.
If you like it and want to get into T2 returns take the CICA in-depth tax course.