Tax impact of TFSA withdrawals once pensioned ?

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May 10, 2010
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Tax impact of TFSA withdrawals once pensioned ?

Strange question but here I go.

Having just finished paying the mortgage, I have started a TFSA dividend growth ETF, where I contribute bi-weekly what used to go on the mortgage.
Dividends will be reinvested during the accumulation phase. I should max out my contributions within 3 years, then keep it topped up yearly.

I plan to retire in 8 years.
I will be eligible to a modest employer pension of $37K
Canada OAS should be around $7.3K
CPP/QPP should be around $12.6K

So, all in all, my total pension should be around $57K, before RRSP withdrawals.
I am aware of the RRSP withdrawals impact.

While TFSA is, well, tax free, what impact can it have on my income tax report, and then on OAS and other goverment benefits ?
Do those withdrawals appear anywhere upon filing my annual income tax reports ?

Thank you.
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Feb 15, 2006
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TFSA is tax free. It is RRSP that you need to work out how your withdraw, as it can affect your OAS.

You didn't say if by retiring in 8 years also means you will be 65 then. You can choose to start getting your CPP earlier or later, especially if there is RRSP withdrawls, to see if there may be OAS clawback.