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Tax Question ON Ben/ Rental Income / Moving Expense

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Jun 7, 2013
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Tax Question ON Ben/ Rental Income / Moving Expense


My annual property taxes were $2400 for the year. However a few things that need to be considered:

1)Rental Income for approx 2 months which was claimed under Real Estate Rentals
2)Didn't move back to my rental until June (vacant for 4 months) and lived outside of Ontario for a different job (claimed moving expenses for that year)

How would I go about claiming property taxes paid for principal resident (updated since June as currently living here) for the ON-Ben form?

I was thinking about putting $2000 (2400/12) 10 months (claimed 2 months under real estate rental), however since I lived in another province until June how would that work as I had that location as my principal residence living there for 6 months.

I am not sure what amount to put on the form as it asks to enter the amount of property tax you paid for principal residence in Ontario for 2020.

What amout would you put down without any issues factoring in the rental and living in another province until June.

Thanks a lot

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