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TD bank accounts may have DoorDash fraudulence charges

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  • Feb 2nd, 2021 9:43 pm
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Oct 16, 2008
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TD bank accounts may have DoorDash fraudulence charges

Please check your accounts especially with TD. Checked mine and advice the kids. For more info, please read on. ... -1.5286771
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Mar 10, 2010
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My mom got hit by this about a month ago. On a debit card she hasn't used in years. TD has obviously been hacked... She has been waiting since about Xmas for TD to conclude their investigation and return her money.
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Nov 14, 2003
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UrbanPoet wrote: oooh.... I thought you said flatulence.
I thought... what kind of disgusting TD And doordash employees would do that?!?
This stinks.
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Mar 12, 2005
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I've been trying to think of how this scam worked. TD's debit cards also function as visa debit, which means you can charge to them like you would a credit card. Usually when you pay with a credit card you need things other than the number like the 3 digit code on the back and the expiry date. Was something up on DoorDash where they weren't asking for those, and TD wasn't enforcing it? Which to be fair I've seen other retailers not always ask for the 3 digit code and wondered why not.

Every credit card with a certain company starts with the same digits... I'm guessing some genius figured out doordash had lower security and started guessing debit card numbers?
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Nov 12, 2011
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I'm aware of the existence of "80% off Doordash anything" groups, where they order for you for 80% off straight, no limit, I think that is connected to this fraud, they are probably using stolen credit cards, in this case a lot of them if not all are from TD
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Jan 24, 2004
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If you don’t use the TD Visa Debit for online purchases (you shouldn’t. Use a credit card), call TD and have the online payment / card not present transaction limit set to $0. You need to call to get it changed.


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