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TD Loc and TD Direct Investing

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  • Feb 12th, 2017 7:52 pm
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TD Loc and TD Direct Investing

I am looking to close my TD chequing account but don't want to close out of the brokerage. I asked TD Direct Investing and they say it is possible to transfer your money from TD Direct Investing to TD loc and I see it as an option on the pulldown transfer menu. However, has anyone actually done it? I'm wondering if a large amount of money would get flagged unless it is below a certain number of dollars. I would transfer the money right away so the money would only sit in the loc for a day or two.
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I just checked and can confirm you're able to transfer to/from LOC within Web Broker. There would be no 'flags' raised as these are treated as normal account transfers. Once the funds are settled, you're free to transfer them as needed.
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Never had an issue carrying a large negative LOC balance.


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