Teaching a “designated” bathroom spot to a puppy

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Teaching a “designated” bathroom spot to a puppy

We are welcoming our first puppy to the family in 2 weeks and I am looking for advice about training the pup to have a designated bathroom spot in the yard. Has anyone attempted this and had any success? I have seen a bunch of products at Pet Smart before lockdown started but they seemed expensive and probably not necessary.

I was thinking of getting a piece of turf to give her a specific area and also saw some turf products made for this purpose that I could also buy.

The reason I’m hoping to do this is that we have a 7500 sq ft yard so trying to stay on top of always finding the land mines could get tedious. We also have a daughter that is 25 months old so it would be great if the bombs were easier to locate so my daughter doesn’t end up running through them first.

Any advice, tips, strategies would be awesome! I have no problem putting in the work to try and achieve this goal but would love some guidance on what to try.
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Apr 19, 2006
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Taking your puppy to the exact same spot several times a day and praising it enthusiastically (even with treats) every time it eliminates there is a good start.

But, you can avoid the whole "land mine" issue in your backyard if you:

A. Walked the dog 2-3 times (as a routine) a day letting it do eliminations during the walk.
B. Picked up after the dog after it poops in your backyard. As in don't leave the dog unattended in the yard if you don't want "land mines".

Option A is healthier for the dog and the walkers anyway.
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Oct 19, 2008
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I'm 6 months in with a Rottie pup, the nicer weather will help training your pup. I tried to walk the pup immediately to the area I wanted him to poop at, he did pee as soon as he was brought outside but generally wanted to walk around, investigate smells and play around before the mood struck him to poo. So I gave up on keeping him on leash where I wanted him to go, but then find my pup chose his own spot he likes to poo at if off-leash....even now at 6 months he's a 'creature of habit', even if out in yard for 30 minutes he will go to his chosen spot every time.
What is odd is he always stares at me while he poos if I'm outside.
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Dec 12, 2009
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7500 sq ft is a large yard.
Pick a spot close to the door you will be using to let the pup out. Some dogs think they will melt in the rain.
Give the area some form of demarcation. E.g. garden fencing, a flower bed, low shrubs ... Whatever.
Bring the pup there every time they need to void. Lotsa praise. Females squat, males like something to lift their leg to.
Pup goes to their area, kid stays out of the landmine zone.
A pail, scoop in the area facilitates regular pick ups by the family. Everybody needs to adjust.


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