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teksavvy cable internet issue

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  • Mar 26th, 2018 11:53 am
May 23, 2011
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teksavvy cable internet issue

hey all,

i lost internet connection wednesday last week and teksavvy finally sent a rogers rep to come in today monday. The technician was here for 2 mins and he plugged in his own device and said that your line is perfectly fine.

I called back teksavvy support and they asked me to check the signal strength by going to the modem portal (posted below) -- so long story short they are saying that the signal coming in to my condo is not good (should be -10 to +10 dbmv) mine is way different.
So they said that they have to get another technician to come in from Rogers and that will probably be another 3-4 days of no internet which is stupid. My CISCO DPC3848 is one year old (just past the warranty by a few days) - i hope they dont make me pay another 200 bucks.
No one seems to know what the heck is going on.

Cable 75 package from teksavvy with CISCO DPC3848, have unplugged it, hard reset - anything you can imagine i've done like 10 times.

The DS light is solid green, US is always flashing and online light is off - it wont go online.

Tired of calling in support, they have no idea whats going on and they are saying that "there might be work" in your area - but for like 5 days now??? any thoughts or help is appreciated

DOCSIS Downstream Scanning: Compeleted
DOCSIS Ranging: Compeleted
DOCSIS DHCP: Not Started
DOCSIS TFTP: Not Started
DOCSIS Data Reg Complete: In Progress
DOCSIS Privacy: Not Started

Downstream Channels
Channel Power Level: Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1: -26.800 dBmV 26.67dB

Upstream Channels
Channel Power Level:
Channel1 : 41.750 dBmV