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[Telus Mobility] Telus LTE hub, $60 50gb, $75 250gb, $110 500gb (Rural AB/BC)

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  • Nov 28th, 2019 12:21 am
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Dec 25, 2017
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santadiego wrote: not all cell towers have the hardware needed for these modems. I travel all over AB/BC in my rv. sometimes I get into an area with no service and only get the telus info screen. as soon as I move to an area with coverage my service is live again. in vancouver, for example, you will get a good signal at spanish banks, but not most of burnaby. it depends which tower you initially connect to and if that tower has been hardware upgraded. if you are on the edge of two towers, you may find reception is intermittent. it just depends which tower you connected to. if there is rain or other interference, your modem may connect to some other tower. telus has Never disconnected me in 2 years of travel. the reason telus can't say for sure if you will get service, even when you are in coverage, is because they have no way of knowing which tower will connect. perhaps you have a concrete wall or microwave interference or ?? or the tower signal has degraded slightly, or another tower without the needed hardware has increased its strength. just because your phone has service does not mean that tower is capable of this service. there are other modems/plans from telus that use standard lte equipment much more expensive tho, but they will give you data on any telus tower.
Do you drive your RV everywhere and use it as a mobile internet hotspot plugged into a standard outlet in your RV? Surprised they don’t care as long as you have a rural address to sign up with.

What do you do when you have no coverage? Fido tablet plan (but that would use EXT and roam on TELUS all the time) and hotspot that? Or just regular cellular data until the hotspot has internet access again?
Mar 9, 2015
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Aldergrove, BC
retrothing wrote: Telus has doubled the monthly data allowance for all plans. Their Smart Hub page now lists 100 GB/month for $60, 500 GB for $75 and 1TB for $110.

This is great news - we still use Xplornet for most things (streaming, casual surfing). I work from home quite often and have issues with Xplornet for video conferencing and large uploads, so I grabbed an old Huawei B890 hub from work and signed up for the $60 plan. It'll be nice to have an extra 50 GB cushion.
FYI- You need to phone in and have them change to the new pricing for the next billing cycle (it does not auto change)
Mar 28, 2015
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Rural AB
I have one of the original plans $75pm / 250gb with a $15 a month discount so paying $60 pm / 250gb in real terms


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