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Telus scam?

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  • Dec 1st, 2022 7:45 am
Mar 1, 2012
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Telus scam?

I received a call from "telus" (1-866-558-2273) offering me $70 for unlimited text/talk in Canada/US and 20gigs data 5G PLUS free Iphone 12 Pro. 24 month contract.
It does seem almost too good to be true. They asked for all my personal information to create the account and do the credit check and when they asked for a credit card it made me pause and I said I felt uncomfortable about it. The rep said I could call 647-495-8600 to sign up. This is a scam, right? The thing is, I had a similar call before from Telus to sign up for fibre and it was legit and they also asked for a ton of personal information and a credit card.
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Mar 1, 2012
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I looked through that thread and the last person to write who said it was not a scam was not offered the same deal as what was offered to me - in that the last person basically has to give the phone back at the end of the contract while my offer was that I would own the phone outright. I still think the deal offered to me is a scam and so I have decided to just get an upgraded phone through Koodo's certified previously owned program since I happen to have a great phone plan through Koodo.
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Nov 12, 2012
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For me they gave me a different 647 number. The reps language seems to be unprofessional, so I told him its scam, he got pissed off and said, go to and check the customer care number, and verify the number I got call from, still I insisted its scam, then he gave me the 647 number.

Always better to call the customer care 1800 number directly or retention number.
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May 28, 2007
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I just received this call and offer 20 minutes ago as well.. seemed too good to be true (but because I am already on the $45/m winback offer and already have an iphone 12 pro max) I was just curious to entertain him to see what the deal was about. Said I'd think about it and to see if there was a number I could call back, etc. Got the 6474958602 number. I'm currently on the phone with Telus customer service direct to try and verify if the call was legitimate.

Update: so turns out the telus rep says it is highly likely to be a scam as the number is not one of theirs that they would call from, and he also contacted his sales team, and they said that there's no way they could offer the deal at $45/mth for everything. Basically said if it happens again, just ask them to email you the offer details without providing any information as they will (if they are legit) already have your email contact details to send it to.
Nov 28, 2022
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Yeah, avoid this 'telus' scam. I fell for it and just finished cutting up my visa debit card.
I put in an application over the phone, got a charge on my account but no email to confirm. Actual Telus customer support make it seem like there was some kind of order on the account but it had been canceled and I was being reimbursed.
The promo department that Telus customer service transferred me to left me on hold for an hour before I gave up. 1 week later the the original fee was returned just like I was told to expect from customer service.

2 weeks after the first application my visa debit (which is a card I never use, absolutely had to be stolen from this shady Telus deal) is hit with 3 epoch transactions with my bank blocking the 4th all additional charges.
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Dec 20, 2015
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And here we are in 2022 getting a Rogers 100GB infinity Premium Plan for $55 with $0 iPhone 13 lol
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