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Telus 25 GB Peace of mind Winback - 45$ YMMV

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[Telus] Telus 25 GB Peace of mind Winback - 45$ YMMV

ALL CREDITS TO @L4cky for this updated compiled information


This is a summary of the last 45 days of information in this thread plus new information I was able to get to try to identify patterns on how to increase the odds of success of the 45GB plan. Please reply back so I can improve the accuracy.

I would like to thanks @illicit for retrieving and collecting data %. Many people here are very helpful, got the deal, and want to help others, I too. Here are newer more solid facts if OP @allen104 can update it.
I was able to talk to the outbound team when they called me, and I also was able to know more about the agent who talked to me.

For those who don't know, I talked 3 hours on the phone (who does that?) with a CSS outbound trying to get to know the agent and have more details on the process for you guys. Take it for what it's worth. I used he/she pronouns here but it's the same agent.

This IS THE TELUS AGREEMENT ON THE PLAN, view or download it here.


Applicable (Solid proof):

The outbound team is CSS outbound and is located in New Delhi, India. Those people are not in Canada. It's a third party mandated by Telus.
They start their shift at noon. So you can only expect a call back from 2 PM EST and ends at 11 PM EST, although from this forum, the latest calls seem to be before 9 PM. (So take your shower, do your stuff outside of these hours).
To contact back your agent who called you, you have her information in the plan. You need to call customer care, so they internal email the agent, to have the agent calls you back because they have no incoming because the number you call in gets transfer to a Canadian center while the outbound is from India.
When you are able to reach the agent, the first thing to do is to give them an alternate number in case the phone dropped so he has a way to call you back. They have no problem calling you on another number.
When you port in, the agent said to wait 1 month before porting your real numbers. She collects the freedom numbers and writes it to your account. Nothing states in the contract you need to come from Freedom, I will upload the contract later. To me, it looks like her commission is based on the numbers you provided (freedom). Because I have 2 accounts, and she told me I ported in 9 numbers (4+5) but the numbers from freedom ARE NOT linked to specific accounts. The freedom numbers you give can be random.
When you port out, make sure you have 2 phones with you. The port message from Telus will not be resent within 90 minutes. The port request is within seconds, So before you port, make sure the sim to port from (Telus) is already in the phone before you contact freedom.
The information you filled out in a form during the freedom sim orders can be faked, just make sure the address is real. The pin doesn't even matter. What matters is when you activate the lines, the new info you fill in the form will matter.
If you miss a call or if you got called but they hang up, they will not call back the same day. You can go do something else and be prepared for the next day.
If you never received a call after 7 days, PM someone in this thread who has a scheduled call back if he or she can ask the outbound agent to do you a favor at the end of their conversation to have this agent call you. You need to give your name and your freedom number. This is how I got a winback, thanks @vn33 ! I think @illicit is also working on getting an app for this but I don't know the progress.

Consensus Recommendation (missing solid proof, but trending this way):

If after 15 days you receive no phone calls. Redo the entire process. Chances are you will not get a phone call as your accounts are lost in a pile of numbers that someone didn't do the job.
Outbound calls seem to happen the same day or the day (a vast majority of people, although we will soon have more specific % thanks to @illicit data collection post #3160 of this thread) (it would be great if people can update their answer.. if possible)
illicit wrote: ↑
New poll link :
Stats : ... wanalytics
DO NOT CALL IN AFTER MISSING THE CALL. JUST DO NOT CALL IN. Others reported a 1% chance of success, 99% of failures, and 99% chances to ruin your chances. Even if you receive no callback, you can reactivate a new line with your Telus account and port it back to Freedom, you will be avoiding a credit check and reusing to the same sim of freedom). Notes in your account might not be number-related, so writing you are not eligible might require you a new account therefore a new credit check.
Porting out around 24 hours after receiving the calls seems to trigger most calls back. It can make sense as they want you right back because you can still cancel with freedom. It could be they don't want the customer to leave and retain them right away is their best chance to have you back before you can't get out of a contract.
To be safe, do not port on Saturdays or Sundays because the outbound teams don't work on Sunday while Saturday is YMMV. Your number might be assigned to a specific agent in India who might or might not work on Saturday (just a plausible theory explaining why some people receive calls on Saturdays, some don't).
You should use 4GB of DATA when you receive the sim. Speedtest can eat large amount of datas, some suggested youtube, but Speedtest gets it done quicker, and you can combined both usage. Make at least 10 different phone numbers call, your local pharmacies, grocery stores. At least 1 calls over 30 minutes. Sending text seems to have little importance. These are recommendations, YMMV.
Datas in this thread suggest how to reply the agent when offered another plan other than the 45$ plan (for ex 55$/20GB) could matter. The consensus recommendation is to say exactly this: You thank them for the offer, you will think about it, and request them to call you the next day. Do not decline, do not mention the 45$ plan, just say you will think about it and request firmly another callback from them. They will call back, and offer you right away the 45$ plan and will not even bother with the previous 55$gb plan (YMMV?).

Applies to Quebec, or other noncoverage freedom areas (solid proofs)

It works 100%. The fact the outbound team is from India and the plan is nationwide, means they are unable to identify, provinces do not matter. Billing addresses in your Telus or freedom account do not matter. Porting in from freedom is the pre filter for Telus because of freedom area codes coverage. The CSS team is not even in the country means they have no idea and don't care about which province you are located.
You need a sim card from Freedom. This is the only complicated part as you can only get one by driving to a province closest to your border or to have it mail to your friends and have them mail back to you. Freedom sim cards can be ordered via online chat, max 3 sims per order, unlimited amount of orders, just use different chat. Freedom might not accept QC billing address, will not ship to QC. But just give your friend address or any, It really doesn't matter for prepaid anyways.
You need to be in a coverage zone of freedom (area codes) to be able to port a number. It's not coverage zone related, it's area code related! Once you get a Telus order, and the sim is shipped (next day), call Telus and ask to change your 514 or 438 area code to Toronto 416 and ask (also can be done by online chat) to have the number change 15$ waived off. This way, you can fool both Telus and Freedom.
Take the cheapest Freedom plan with Autopay. Don't tell the online chat anything you are in Quebec when activating, it will only cause you trouble. I can confirm that Freedom incoming calls are free nationwide, and it works in Quebec, and it can be activated in QC when you put the sim in your phone. All you need is incoming calls.
If you require additional lines but have no more sim cards, once you get the freedom number, you can try calling the same first 5 digits and changing the last 2, they should also belong to freedom. If the phone rings, it means the line is active. I used to check if the number belongs to freedom. It's fairly accurate. You can basically hand out any random numbers to the agent if you don't have enough sims. But be careful, this will red flag a system as their will not receive a commission and that can cause you trouble. Last resort for additional lines.
For additional lines, you can activate with Freedom without the physical presence of the sim cards, as the sim cards numbers is displayed into the shipping email confirmation line "G&D SIM IMEI". You can basically have it shipped anywhere, activate without topping, receives a freedom number then port it out.
You can PM someone here in Freedom coverage (Ontario for example) to mail you some freedom prepaid sims. You can take advantage of the free shipping in October here canada-post-free-shipping-tuesdays-back ... #p35017143 Sim cards are also easy to get mailed by regular letter. For additional lines, you only need the sim card number. The only physical sim card you need is the one for Winback to call you. Maybe you can email them some $ for helping you as a goodwill gesture, or buy them a drink next time they come to Montreal.
You can take the cheapest plan 65$ for 20GB in QC (Ontario is 80$ 30GB)
I do not recommend you to switch plans when switching numbers as this might (no proof) reset your account date. Change number, keep the same plan. Tell them the reason why you want an ON number is because you work from home and your ON colleagues don't want to pay long-distance because your number is in QC.

Unexplicable elements
When you pick up the outbound call, and it gets disconnected. Still a mystery as of right now despite multiple speculations that are proven to be false.
What do the winback agent do with the additional freedom numbers? They said they will write a note in your account, however, I doubt it because I have 2 accounts while they say any number can be port to any of the accounts. Speculation without proof: agent only uses the numbers to verify eligibility or agent earns based on commission and requires those numbers for their work.

Elements that have been ruled out
LTE data usage or 5G has no influence on getting that deal.
When you pick up the outbound call, and it gets disconnected. The reason is not to check if your line is active.
Outside of freedom coverage can not get this deal. Yes, you can.

To be verified, required more data experience...
Do not port during holidays days in India
No not port after 6:30PM EST (because the last reported calls same day seems to be 8:30 EST)
Best time to port is around 2-4PM EST to trigger a call back the same day.
Best not to port out on the first day of the month, it seems many people didn't receive a winback call when ported out on September 1st including myself. Maybe the first of each month they have a meeting to see if winback can still offer this deal? (Need to find out the date the switch from Peace of mind 25gb to unlimited 25gb).
Additional lines: Porting out directly from other carriers without passing by Freedom. According to the contract that you can download in this post, nothing stops you from not porting that although the agent said those numbers aren't active.
I had a number that received a winback call even after providing that same number when opening up an additional line to another different account number (while that number hasn't been ported yet of course). Can we conclude that the numbers given for additional lines (while they say it is written in your account note- who knows if that's true?) are not extracted to any automated system? Therefore without a real person putting their nose in your account, nothing will flag the system about those numbers you used for additional lines?
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Thread Summary
Posting this fresh summary as it's more updated - @illicit. Thanks @justasomeone for the edits.

Telus has multi line discounts :
2 lines : $7.50/line
3 lines : $10/line
4 lines or more : $15/line

There is a winback plan Telus offers that’s $45 for 25GB. With the multi line discount of 4 or more lines it comes down to $30 for 25GB monthly.

Even with 2 lines it’s $37.50 per line.

To get the plan you have to sign up a new TELUS plan which you port out after 24 hours of receiving the SIM and have usage such as text, calls and data before porting to Freedom. The prorated will cost around $5-8. Freedom Prepaid cheapest plan of $19 after Auto Pay will work. Order the SIMs ahead of time. TELUS will call you back to win you back and may offer $45/25GB. This offer is only if the Telus line was ported out to Freedom. Throughout this thread there has been some DPs that support porting out to another competitor can yield the offer. Freedom should be the safest bet. It’s still a hit or miss but if you do get it they also offer $45 credit per line which will offset the prorated cost of the original Telus line. If they don’t offer you $45/25GB they may offer the current $50/30GB but it is still cheaper with multi line discount ($42.50 per line with 2 lines). Obviously the $45/25GB is better as it’s cheaper and the data is shared.

What makes this plan more lucrative is that loyalty can offer free add-ons such as 300 US Long Distance Minutes, Unlimited International Text, and Visual Voicemail.

It’s post paid, but no contract and is not tied to a contract or minimum term commitment.

Some people say Telus may raise prices but I’ve been with them for almost 10 years and never once had a price increase.

$45/25GB is BYOD (bring your own phone) and not eligible for getting a phone on a contract.

$50/30GB is phone eligible for contract but you must get a phone at time of activation. Since these are special winback plans regular CS reps cannot add a phone later without a plan change to the more pricier plans. So if you want a phone with Telus you must go with the $50/30GB plan. Once your phone contract is completed, you cannot upgrade or get a new phone as it will require a forced plan change. So in a nutshell, if you want a phone now or in the future get the phone now with the $50/30GB plan or finance it directly from Apple etc and go with the $45/25GB plan.

If you need to get a phone but want to keep your monthly bill lower for life ($45/25GB permanently), I suggest financing it directly (Apple now offers this) and going with the $45/25GB plan.

Telus is 5G with 25GB data or 30GB data depending on plan but Unlimited throttled after hitting the limit. The throttled speeds is enough for web browsing, emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc but streaming music or videos will be hit and miss.

Update : Winback 5G is limited to 250Mbps.

The data is shareable, so for 4 lines you will share a total of 100GB and you can turn data off on specific lines if they are using too much of the pool (good for kids/teens that need to be disabled sometimes for breathing room).

Other info that may be of value to you :

You can get Tablet or Apple Watch lines for $0 if you get the right loyalty rep. The usual charge for these are $10/monthly.

These $0 lines exist because a plan "Peace of Mind Connect" which existed allowing adding as many $0 connected devices as desired (until limit). Because of this - the SOCs (service codes) cannot expire for these plans. They are always available.

If you don’t receive a winback call you can try calling into their winback team and see if they can offer you $50/30GB. You cannot get the $45/25GB by calling in, it’s a special offer only attainable through the outbound winback team that calls you. Inbound does not have access to offer $45/25GB. But inbound may offer $50/30GB as it seems it’s easier to get that plan.

Update : Some DPs have success calling in - but it's a risk you have to decide on taking.

Overall, winback offers > loyalty/retentions offers > new activations.


Master SOC List as follows

  • Unlimited 25 - Unlimited nationwide, talk and text, and endless data (25GB high speed) $45 - EXPIRED : PPOM25G45
    - With 250Mbps cap & family discount : POM25G45N
    - $50/30GB with 250Mbps cap & family discount : PPM30G50N
  • Peace of Mind - Unlimited nationwide talk, text, and endless data (25GB High Speed) $45 : POM25GB45
  • OneNumber Peace of Mind Connect Access - Smart Watch $0 : PPMC0MWT
  • OneNumber Unlimited Access - Smart Watch $5 : PPMONWT5
  • Standalone Unlimited Access - Smartwatch $10 : PPMSTUAWT
  • CAN-US Peace of Mind Access - Tablet $0 : PPMCUSTAB
  • Peace of Mind Access - Tablet $0 : PPOMATAB

MASTERLIST OF SOC CODES for Unlim plans ... p=36277886

POM25G45N or PPM30G50N - These ones are confirmed with Data points to have fam discount attached to them as they were the codes before July 2022

  • Visual Voicemail $3 : SSIVVMR
  • 200mins CAN-US L&R $0 : LSCNUS200
  • 100mins CAN-US L&R $0 : LSCNUS100
  • 600 LD min to China/HK/Taiwan $0 : SLDCNHKTW

Winback cannot get you free addons/lines, if you want them you have to contact Loyalty directly.

Winback numbers :
‭+1 (866) 369-9826‬
‭+1 (866) 379-1963‬
‭+1 (866) 448-8030‬
‭+1 (844) 368-8541‬

Loyalty :
‭+1 (877) 279-3100‬


Top three answers:
- NO, EPP port out will not trigger callback. You can open a new Cosumer line then port that out.
- NO, you cannot get a device on the $45/25Gb Winback plan (which is the focus of this thread, as per the title)

How to get the offer if you are currently with Telus or Koodo
1. Setup a new Freedom prepaid or postpaid account. Prepaid is suggested as it doesn't involve a credit check. You can choose the cheapest plan they offer which is $9/month
2. Port out your number to Freedom mobile using Freedom's online chat. Then wait for the "sorry to see you leave" email from Telus/Koodo
3. Wait for winback call and get setup
4. Once your SIM card has shipped out, go to your Telus account online and port your Freedom number back into Telus

How to get the offer if you are with another provider
1. Setup a new Freedom prepaid or postpaid account. Prepaid is suggested as it doesn't involve a credit check. You can choose the cheapest plan they offer which is $9/month
2. Setup a new Telus postpaid account (most people are picking the $75/20GB plan). This will invoke a credit check
3. Port out your new Telus number to Freedom mobile using Freedom's online chat. Porting will take 1-3hours. Then wait for the "sorry to see you leave" email from Telus/Koodo
4. Wait for winback call and get setup
5. Once your SIM card has shipped out, go to your Telus account online and port your Freedom number back into Telus. It may take up to 48hours for your account to become active online
6. Port in your real phone number to Telus

Credit to @[DizzyYak] from the old Winback thread.


Original Post# 3480 by Elrondolio:

Step-by-step instructions if porting from another carrier to Telus Winback and you want to keep your original phone numbers. Where:

X = number of lines you want on Telus winback

01. Chat online with Telus to order ONE new SIM card ($10), don't create an account with them until it arrives, request it be sent unactivated. This will arrive slowly as it's delivered via Canada Post.

02. Chat online with Freedom to order X + 1 new free SIM cards (ie: want 5 lines? Order 6 SIM cards from Freedom, etc). Freedom will only send 3 at a time so if you need more, chat again with another rep for 3 more. These will arrive quickly as they are delivered via FedEx. As above, tell the online rep(s) you want these for phones you just ordered and don't want to activate these, top them up or setup auto pay on these until they arrive, when you'll do so manually. Tell them you know the phones you bought are compatible with Freedom as they'll ask for phone specific IMEI numbers: don't give them any. They'll relent, then they'll check your postal code to verify your service area is supported by Freedom and finally send these unactivated SIMs via FedEx for free.

03. Wait until you have all new Telus and Freedom SIMs.

04. Chat or call Telus to activate your 1 new SIM on a new consumer account (don't mention any other accounts you have elsewhere). Order an $80 / mo, 30 GB post-paid plan. This will trigger a hard credit check.

05. Put the new consumer Telus SIM in any phone and use it for 24-36 hours. Make around 10 calls (some short, some 30ish minutes, etc), send and receive texts and use a gig or 2 of data at minimum on that phone (see OP for ideas). Don't skip this part: use this SIM / phone for a minimum of 24 hours.

06. At least 24 hours later and early in the morning on a Mon-Thurs only (9am ish), chat Freedom online to activate all your new SIM cards. Ask for pre-paid $19, 1.5 GB plans for each new line ($29 a month - $5 auto-pay - $5 discount for 12 months). Make sure you have your NEW Telus SIM still in a working phone during this chat. Request to port-in your 1 NEW Telus phone number from above to ONE of these new pre-paid lines (this will close your "new" Telus consumer account automatically and you'll pay 1-2 pro-rated days worth of your $80 plan when that Telus bill arrives, around $15 for 2 days). You'll receive a text on that Telus SIM / phone during port-out to Freedom, you must answer "Yes" to that text. During this chat they'll request for you to top-up all new lines and activate auto pay but do not. ONLY top up ONE of these new pre-paid Freedom lines, the one that you port the Telus line to as selected above. Top up this one line with $24 + tax. Do NOT top-up the other Freedom lines you open here and Do NOT setup auto-pay for any of these new Freedom lines. Tell them you'll top up the other line(s) and setup auto pay on them when your "new phone(s) arrive". To recap: you should only have topped-up ONE Freedom line with $24+tax and NOT activated auto pay with any line.

07. You'll receive a "sorry to see you go" email from Telus.

08. Immediately log in to your Freedom account online and select the new topped-up line from the dropdown box. Make sure the topped-up line selected is the one that now has your ported-in, temporary Telus phone number. Enable Call Forwarding on this line ("Plans & Addons - Turn On Call Forwarding") and make sure you chose a phone number you can be reached at any time moving forward from 2pm eastern until 9pm eastern. Make sure you are available that afternoon and every afternoon that follows until your receive that winback call... same time frame, every day. You'll receive that winback call on this forwarded line / phone so keep it near you, not silenced and make sure you've checked that any spam blocking in your dialer app is disabled. To reiterate: answer any call that comes in from this line from 2pm eastern until 9pm eastern.

09. Answer your winback call and you should be offered a $45, 25 GB plan (minus $7.50 per line for 2 lines, $10 per line for 3 lines or $15 per line for 4+ lines per month as well as a $50 activation credits per line and a $45 bonus credits per line). Accept the offer and port in your new, topped up Freedom pre-paid phone number to this first offered winback line (the Freedom number has the same temporary Telus phone number that you ported to Freedom and that qualified for your Winback offer earlier in the day). Make SURE you have that pre-paid, topped up Freedom SIM in some readily accessible phone and it is in good contact with the Freedom service. This phone will receive a port-out text asking you reply "Yes" to continue porting out that number. The winback agent will reactivate your new Telus SIM during this process, assigning it that ported in Freedom number. That ported in Freedom number will now be removed from your Freedom account. During the same chat, make sure to tell the agent you'd like to activate any additional lines you want to port in from Freedom and they'll ask for the rest of your already setup pre-paid Freedom numbers (to make sure you qualify). They'll then create brand new Telus lines with random Telus phone numbers and offer to send the rest of these new Telus SIM cards for these additional lines through snail mail (Canada Post, usually). You should now have X number of new Telus winback lines: 1 that was immediately ported back in from Freedom and the rest that will be ported when your new SIMs arrive in a week or so. To reiterate: the winback agent WILL NOT port the rest of the remaining Freedom numbers in today, he just asks for those numbers to verify you qualify for the remaining $45, 25 GB lines he just created. Your winback call should now end.

10. Wait for your new Telus SIMs if you asked for additional lines.

11. Once all new Telus SIMs have arrived, you'll want to finally start the port in of your EXISTING, REAL phone lines to Freedom. Make sure you have access to every phone with a REAL number you want to port. Initiate an online chat with Freedom Mobile again. Tell them you want to port-in multiple phone numbers from your old provider to each of the Freedom pre-paid lines you now have. For each port request you'll receive a text on each phone number of the old provider, asking you to verify by responding "Yes" to the port request. Make sure you have the correct SIMs installed for each line to accept this text. Do this process during the same chat for each of your REAL phone numbers and phones. This will completely close your old number plans and, after they have all been ported from your previous provider to Freedom, that provider's account will become inactive. You'll be billed for the pro-rated portion of the month used for each of those lines.

12. Now remove your old providers SIM cards and toss them aside. Insert the new Telus SIM cards you were sent, in addition to the one Telus SIM card you already activated during the winback call. These temporary Telus numbers will be active on these phones until you complete the rest of the port process below.

13. Wait a day or so to make sure your remaining Freedom SIMs, when inserted in a phone, show your REAL numbers (this can take some time with Freedom). Once you know all the Freedom SIMs now have your real phone numbers, you can finally log in to your Telus consumer account online, click the "Plans & Devices" link then select the temporary phone number / line you want to port in your REAL number to. On each Telus number selected, chose "Manage Your Phone Number", then "Transfer your phone number". Provide your name, Freedom account number and the specific REAL phone number from Freedom that you want transferred to that Telus line. Make sure to respond "Yes" to each of the text messages you receive from *each* of those inserted Freedom SIM cards. If you do not swap SIM cards this way, your port over will not succeed. When you have ported over all these numbers from Freedom to your Telus winback lines, wait a few hours for your old number to complete the port-in correctly.

A bit complicated, but these are the steps. You'll end up with minimal disruption in service on any of your existing lines during this process. Doing the above will automatically close your old provider lines and account, automatically close your temporary Freedom lines and account and a provide a new Telus consumer account with X new lines at $45 each per month, $7.50 to $15 family discounts per line and a shared X times 25 GB of fast data (ie: 4 lines = 100 GB shared fast data) with unlimited slower data when that pool is exhausted for the month. All these Telus winback lines will have your pre-existing providers phone numbers from before.

Good luck.
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Mar 11, 2014
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Can I get this as a telus customer or do I have to leave first. I'm currently on 20 gb for 50 plan.
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allen104 wrote: For anyone who missed the winback deal last year, they have it running again (Not sure how long). I recall previously, this plan was only offered to users that went to Freedom, this may still be the case as I am on Freedom. YMMV.

- 1-888-369-9826 is the number I got a call from
- I was with Telus but swapped to Freedom because of WFH, so didn't need much data
- Peace of Mind 25gb plan (Plan details attached in picture)
- Activation fee waved + First month free credit
- 37.5$ per line if you activate 2 lines or 30$ per line if you activate 4 lines

First deal post, go easy on me.
Where are you located?

When did you ported out?

When did Telus called you?
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I believe you would have to leave first as this is a Winback offer and may only be offered if you leave for Freedom (unconfirmed).
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Ah sorry, I knew I was missing something. I'll add it to OP.

1 . Toronto, Ontario
2. I ported out about 3-4 months ago
3. Telus called me tonight around 9 PM EST
Mar 3, 2018
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How did you get $37.50/month for 2 lines? I got 2 lines before and was given a $5 discount per line.

EDIT: I found out that they upped the multi line discount! Guess I'll be making a call to Telus tomorrow.
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This is an excellent deal for two lines.
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I would instantly switch my entirely family 5+ to this plan from various other carriers if offered this. Problem is the miss is the only one on Telus, and she might kill me if I switch her to Freedom and this doesn’t work :(
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Vancouver, BC
Hope this will apply to BC.
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Can anyone confirm if this is just a loyalty thing from a switchover company? I'm already with Telus and with my Telus discount this would be an amazing deal.
Apr 15, 2009
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ApocDeals wrote: I would instantly switch my entirely family 5+ to this plan from various other carriers if offered this. Problem is the miss is the only one on Telus, and she might kill me if I switch her to Freedom and this doesn’t work :(
The way I did it accidentally last year is this:
Buy a new Telus line, no plan, no frills, the cheapest.
Cancel it next day/ next week.
They will call you for Winback in few weeks - month.
Then you port in your current number.
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Cynderella wrote: How did you get $37.50/month for 2 lines? I got 2 lines before and was given a $5 discount per line.

EDIT: I found out that they upped the multi line discount! Guess I'll be making a call to Telus tomorrow.
<s> I will be making a call as well as I have this plan for 4 lines and I paid 35 per line.</s>

Never mind, I pay $30 per line. So I am good.
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Telus $30/25GB X 4 lines Non shareable
$0 200 USA LD min/month X 4 lines
$0 Visual Voicemail X 4 lines
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I did the switch and got the same deal last year. Bought a freedom sim from eBay because it isn't available where I live. I'll hold this plan as long as I possibly can.
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mstefa wrote: The way I did it accidentally last year is this:
Buy a new Telus line, no plan, no frills, the cheapest.
Cancel it next day/ next week.
They will call you for Winback in few weeks - month.
Then you port in your current number.
But if you cancel the Telus line without porting. How can they call you :(
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I was recently offered $55 for 20 GB as a winback offer, roughly two days ago.

With three lines, it comes out to $55 - $10 = $45.

I wonder if I can still get this deal as well.
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You absolutely have to port to freedom to get this deal. There is no if or but.
Telus $30/25GB X 4 lines Non shareable
$0 200 USA LD min/month X 4 lines
$0 Visual Voicemail X 4 lines
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Oct 16, 2002
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It will be funny if Telus is reading this thread and cancels the promo, leaving everyone stranded on 9 dollar plans
Apr 15, 2009
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yao416 wrote: But if you cancel the Telus line without porting. How can they call you :(
I received a letter with the sim in it and phone number to call. I was getting emails with the same offer to call them back- sorry to see you leave type. I was even getting Facebook pop ups with the offer. It was unreal.
Aug 30, 2007
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I moved away from Telus in 2014. I wonder if there is a way I could initiate a winback with my previous account. I'd bring over 4-5 lines.
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Mar 22, 2007
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mstefa wrote: I received a letter with the sim in it and phone number to call. I was getting emails with the same offer to call them back- sorry to see you leave type. I was even getting Facebook pop ups with the offer. It was unreal.
Oh nice!
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