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Testing ~ Freezer Defrost Heater & Thermostat

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Apr 29, 2010
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Testing ~ Freezer Defrost Heater & Thermostat

Fridge: Frigidaire FFET1022QS (Electrolux)
Problem: Freezer Compartment - Ice Buildup // Fridge Compartment - Warm
Illustration: Factory Parts Catalog

I would like to begin my diagnosis with the Defrost Heater (Part #: 5304491703) and Defrost Thermostat (Part #: 5304498690). See photos below.

I do own a digital multimeter.

For the Defrost Heater would I set the multimeter to Auto Ohms readout then stick each probe into either wired end? If it is GOOD then the reading will be between 10 and 150 ohms? If it is bad it will remain at 0 ohms or be outside the stated range?

For the Defrost Thermostat do i set the multimeter for Continuity check then stick each probe into the wired end with the yellow wiring? Can i ignore the black wired side or must the other end of the black wiring (the end with the silver cap) be placed into icy water first before testing the pair of yellow wires?