Thoughts on Mastercard, Visa and other payment enablers

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Thoughts on Mastercard, Visa and other payment enablers

Mastercard stock gains as analyst says it can reach a $1 trillion market value in a decade ... 2018-06-22

From a current market cap of $200m, can MA really reached a trillion in a decade or so time? Are Square, Apple Pay, Google Wallet making a dent on Visa and Mastercard lockhold? I'm not interested in bitcoin at the moment. :)
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Jul 27, 2017
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MA market cap is $210.339 Billion

I would buy MA over V or AXP

MA survived the 2009 meltdown & all the corrections along the way, including it's 10:1 split in January 2014 - my guess is $500 billion in 10 years
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V and MA won't do much in China where Weixin Pay and Alipay make them obsolete and DOA. India and the rest of emerging markets will be the next area of growth though.

Both stocks usually look very overvalued but they will most likely stay that way for the foreseeable future. I have pretty much averaged up every single time but cashless is the future.
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Feb 4, 2015
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Canada, Eh!!
Own both V and MA... everytime I sell... end up buying for higher later so decided to just buy bit of both and let them run.
2022: BOC raised 8 times and MCAP raised its prime next day.
2017 to 2018: BOC raised rates 5 times and MCAP raised its prime next day each time.
2020: BOC dropped rates 3 times and MCAP waited to drop its prime to include all 3 drops.
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$1T in a decade at a reasonable valuation? I find that unlikely. That would require a compounded growth rate of 17% for the next decade, while maintaining its extremely high multiple. A much more likely outcome is a decline of growth rate combined with multiple compression.

V is one of the biggest holdings in our portfolio but like MA, much of the anticipated growth is already priced in. I'll be really happy if it delivers 17%/yr for the next decade, but I'm not expecting it. But I will say, out of all the high flyers in the market these days, these 2 companies probably have the best odds of actually growing into their sky high valuations. Their biggest risk is probably regulatory, due to them being TOO profitable.


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