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Thunder storm Water collecting in front of front door

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  • Aug 28th, 2021 9:54 pm
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Aug 3, 2013
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Thunder storm Water collecting in front of front door

Hi, I’ve started noticing over the past few months that when it rains the water collects in front of the front door. The bricks there are lower than the grass in front of it. I’m guessing that the ground needs to be regraded but very concerned if it could lead to further issues.

Can I go ahead and throw more dirt underneath, angling it towards the grass and place the brick back after or best to call in a professional?

Thank you for any advise you can provide.
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Nov 9, 2008
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You've basically got a sunken box with 4 sides infront of your door. The water is pooling because it's got nowhere to go and the ground surrounding your entrance is higher. Definitely needs to be graded.

If you want to diy, you'll need to lift each and every block, regrade the area with a proper slope (1/4" drop per foot is best practice but you can do less and it should be fine). You'll need to use something like limestone screenings to raise the grade before you begin relaying your blocks. Do NOT use dirt, it will just wash away or turn to mud, which will cause the pavers to sink and you'll be back where you started.
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Oct 2, 2018
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Entire grading and soft scaping needs to be looked at, just can't concrete the entire space and hope the water escapes miraculously by magic. Evaporation only takes you so far, water needs a place to go. It's not a safe bet to just swale it off to any location and make issues for surrounding properties, should be done with purpose and done properly.
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