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Tim Hortons Espresso Has 65% More Caffeine Than Starbucks

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  • Nov 3rd, 2017 10:51 pm
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Tim Hortons Espresso Has 65% More Caffeine Than Starbucks

Tim Hortons claims their espresso shots contain 125mg of caffeine. Starbucks says theirs have 75mg.

Source: ... c988bc.pdf ... llness.php ... ay2017.pdf

Tim Hortons says their new lattes and new cappuccino contain 205mg of caffeine, not 125 or 250mg as would be expected. The Tim Hortons website also claims their new cappuccino contains “more espresso” than their new latte. Less milk, sure, but “more espresso”? If that were true the caffeine counts would be different. ***Edit: Looks like they forgot to update their cappuccino description when they installed the new espresso machines. Their old lattes only had 35mg of caffeine and their cappuccino had 70mg, according to this: ... nglish.pdf. ***

Those bizarre Tim Hortons figures are even more perplexing when compared to Tall lattes and cappuccino drinks at Starbucks that only contain one shot of espresso. So 75mg at Starbucks versus the official “205mg” at Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons only has one size for their espresso based drinks.

By the way, a Tall Americano at Starbucks is two shots of espresso (150mg of caffeine). The Tim Hortons Americano is listed at 205mg.

Brewed Coffee
We all knew Tim Hortons was cheaper per millilitre of brewed coffee, but is it cheaper per milligram of caffeine?

A 354ml Tall medium roast brew at Starbucks is listed at 235mg, Tim Hortons says their 425ml medium size Original blend roast have 205mg of caffeine. Dark roast are similar at 193mg compared to 195mg. However, take that with a grain of salt, as the dark roast blends at Starbucks vary frequently if not daily, and different dark roast coffee blends would presumably have slightly different caffeine counts.

Their excellent Starbucks True North Blond blend has 270mg of caffeine. Not a huge difference compared to medium, so any heart palpitations are more likely cause by the acidity of the coffee. You should probably drink it with food (Van Houtte calls their light roast “breakfast blend”), although some would say the Starbucks version of light roast is really medium roast by Scandinavian standards. Scandinavians are by far the world’s biggest drinkers of coffee.

The exact amount of coffee per cup would vary, depending on if it is filed to the rim or not.

(Starbucks sizes vary by country, but “True North” is specific to Canada, so the above guide should be accurate for Canada).
Toronto is a very small part of Canada