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Time to look into Security Camera System, need recommendations

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  • Dec 29th, 2020 10:41 pm
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Aug 23, 2013
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Time to look into Security Camera System, need recommendations

I’ve had some recent break in’s and thefts into cars in my neighbourhood. Never had this happen in the past, but quite alarming with two happening in the same month.

I’ve been meaning to look into cameras quite some time now but seeing as these events have been unfolding, the time is now.

Ideally I am looking to install 3-4 cameras around my house. I’m looking at 1080p/4K cameras (Hot/Cold Weather) especially at the front of my house. I’ve come across the brands of Hikivision and Lorex.

I would like quality to be able to pick up face/car plates if possible if a situation happens. Possibly a flood light might help especially during the nights.

I had considered going wifi but decided I would prefer POE in this case. In this case I was considering a NVR, but if I wanted to run if of a dedicated server running through Blueiris or something similar and have dedicated recording, can I remove the option of having to buy a NVR?

If people can share their experiences with the systems they have in place at there home and direct me to my needs, would be appreciated.
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Dec 26, 2009
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I've had really good luck with Reolink cameras (previously had indoor and solar cameras), and have just installed some dome (RLC-420 which has been superseded with 520) around my garage soffits.

Quality is really good, and cameras are flexible as far as recording goes - can push to NAS via FTP on motion, or be hooked up to NVR, or run Reolink client on computer as an NVR.

I've used wifi in the past, but would recommend wired if you can hook it up.

I bought my cameras on Prime Day 2019, but only just got around to setting them up... I have had one unit running in our basement for almost a year to test out though.