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Time for Provincial Health Insurance to cover dental

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  • Dec 19th, 2013 6:45 pm
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Nov 26, 2013
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Time for Provincial Health Insurance to cover dental

With three illegal dentists operating in BC, is it time for the Provincial health care insurance to cover dental service? If private health care insurance companies can provide dental services to Canadians, should the provincial government try to provide that too?

Dental care is expensive, basic and basic comprehensive services cost in the hundreds while major services cost in the thousands. Provincial health care insurance such as British Columbia's MSP should provide an option to buy dental services. For example, if the person wants Basic and Basic Comprehensive dental services in his MSP's coverage, he pays an additional $20 to his monthly premiums. If he wants all three Basic, Basic Comprehensive and Major services, he pays an additional $40 to his monthly premiums. Private insurance companies, for example charges $59 for Basic, Basic Comprehensive and Major dental services with 6 months recall.

With coverage by the Provincial health care insurance, the issue of illegal dentists, health issues like HIV and hepatitis is addressed.

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Health officials who have reviewed video of a raid of an illegal dental office in Burnaby say conditions in the makeshift bedroom clinic were "pretty scary."

The College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. issued a public warning earlier this week that patients who had received dental treatment from Wu should be tested for HIV and hepatitis.


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The College of Dental Surgeons of B.C. has raided two illegal dental operations and B.C. Supreme Court has filed interim injunctions against two unregistered dentists.

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Mar 20, 2009
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Not going to happen due to cost.

Even emergency dental surgery after an accident is not covered in BC.
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Feb 10, 2013
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>_> from what i hear, one of the dentists is actually a military surgeon from china. And they only pick the best dentists to work there. Huang I think. Wonder if when he tried to apply he got blocked by the college
Dec 31, 2009
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Dental fees are much higher than medical fees in this country due to nationalisation of medical services(making private practice all but mds have to supply services at a much reduced rate than a lot of first world countries eg cataract operation are paid at $350 vs easily $1000 to 2000 elsewhere)
So if medicare cost are about 55% of national revenue even at the reduced rate.Addition of dental service means that all taxes will go to dental and medical care ,what will happen to other essential ex national defence.

that means yet higher taxes if dental care is covered.What we need is to increase the number of dentists competing in the free market so dental associations cant have a cartel like control on fees charged or better yet nationalise dental care so dentist can only set fees based on govt imposed reduced rate ,making it illegal to charge $1000 for a crown but only $250 but the patient pays direct.

Why only subjugate the mds?