Tip: What you need to know before using Unhaggle's paid service

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Tip: What you need to know before using Unhaggle's paid service

Nobody reads the fine print, but in this case you really need to read the FAQ before using the Unhaggle paid service.

1. You can choose up to 10 dealers to get quotes from.
2. Do not select any dealers you are not prepared to travel to.
3. It takes up to 3 business days to get your quotes.
4. You can request any available quotes early, but there's no guarantee how quickly you'll get them.
5. When you get the quotes, they're all anonymous. This means you can't choose what dealer you go with. See point #2.
6. To accept a quote, you must pay a blind deposit. I suspect this deposit goes to Unhaggle, but they will not confirm it.
7. Don't expect dealers to match the Unhaggle price without the deposit and subsequent written offer.

To make it work for you, I'd choose only the closest dealers to you, say within 10-15 minutes. I found very little variation between offers, so I don't expect adding dealers farther away would improve your savings much.

If you're not happy with the offers, demand a refund and try again with different dealers. They way I see it, if they're getting paid twice, they can earn it.
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The $257 "deposit" that gets paid to unhaggle is for when you order a car through them by selecting one of the 10 options. This is to show the dealer that you're actually intending to buy the car. It will be offset against the price of the car if you buy it, and returned to you if you decide not to buy because your trade-in value was not enough, or the deal falls through.


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