Tips of 2 person trip to Calgary - Adventurous

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May 18, 2012
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Tips of 2 person trip to Calgary - Adventurous


Im looking for some tips and information on the best car rental options and best value hotel/motel options in the banff jasper area. We will be flying there July 21 and leaving July 29. We want to have access to all the major attractions and activities in and around banff.

However we are on a budget and we dont want to stay in those fancy 300/night hotels. Our plan is to land in Calgary on the 21, drive to banff straight away, and then spend the day there. We would need lodging for 4 days after which we plan to drive to jasper and then back to calgary for the flight home.

What would you recommend for Car rental companies?
Anyone have experience staying in hotels?
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Feb 15, 2006
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That is high season for travel there, so hotels will be expensive, if you can find vacancy.

Instead of Banff or Lake Louise, can stay at Canmore -- short drive from Banff but much cheaper.

Cheaper will be B&B. But you need to search and book right away. This is end of May and it's only 2 months away, a lot of places would already be booked up. Oh, can consider YMCA too, the one in Banff is actually quite nice and the food cheap and good.
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Oct 23, 2013
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You can't go wrong with any of the major car rental companies. Personally, I have a corporate rate through work but you can compare prices online. There are several companies conveniently located across from the arrival terminal at YYC.

As for accommodations, you'll be arriving during the prime tourist season so it'll be hard to find a good deal, even in Canmore. Although it'll probably be a little cheaper.

Try searching in Harvie Heights as well, which is a small bedroom community to the west of Canmore. There are several cabins and hotels in that area which are overlooked.
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Sep 21, 2004
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Why not camp? Camping in the Rockies is an unforgettable experience and you can rent the gears here. I believe MEC has the rentals. They even have paddle board rentals.

The campgrounds are very close to Banff and Jasper so you still get data. Shower and fire woods are provided. There are more mosquitos in Jasper but it is tolerable.

Last time I camped at Tunnel Mountain, I woke up next to a small fox. What an unforgettable experience.
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Aug 12, 2004
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You will likely be paying 150$+ a night average even at the cheapest hotels in Canmore in that time period, let alone Banff, if there is any space at all (book early). In Banff, even your run down motel can run at 200$+ on the busy days.

Do look in stay in Canmore however. After the mystique of Banff fades, you will find it rather shallow, whereas Canmore is a real town with some nice pubs, and it will be cheaper overall.


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