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Is Tire Rack any good?

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  • Aug 19th, 2021 12:41 pm
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Apr 30, 2004
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I had purchased a lot of items from them five to six years ago; they had very good customer service and product selection.
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Feb 11, 2007
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Yes, I buy all my tires and rims there. Ideally you bring them over when you travel to the USA to save on duty, but they ship here.
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Nov 7, 2016
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When the dollar was on par it was a decent deal (I've bought a few sets from them), not now though with dollar and shipping rates so high...
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Feb 4, 2015
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Canada, Eh!!
Very good customer service and knowledgeable reps on chat.

Prices generally good to great as long as get delivered to USA.
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Oct 3, 2017
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I bought 2 tires a few years ago and picked them up in the US. Price was great. When I had them mounted in Canada one of them had a wobble that was not from the rim but likely from a broken or shifted interior belt. I just lived with it because sending it back to US would have been too expensive.
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Mar 23, 2004
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Bruv, where have you been living? Of course TireRack is a good! They're great! Have bought from them as far back as the early 00s.

However keep some things in mind...
-Shipping tyres and or wheels to Canada is very expensive. So, esp. with the border closed there's not much point in getting stuff from there as you can typically get it all cheaper here from local shops. The prices will be higher but after shipping, tax, duty, it's gonna end up being roughly the same or more going with TireRack.
=TR's road hazard warranty is not valid here, which means buying at a local retailer/shop that has that benefit here would be better.
-TR has great clearance deals at times, however again you gotta beware of the additional costs to get
-Even if you buy nothing from them, their website is an invaluable resource. They have their own test track and do a lot of tyre test reviews--you can see how a lot of stuff compares complete with videos and objective test data.
-Little known tidbit is you can also find tyre specs for everything they sell, down to the new tread-depth of a given model and size, as well as the country of manufacture...all on their site.
-They sell a lot more than just tyres. They also sell brake pads/rotors, as well as suspension stuff--shocks, struts, coilovers--along with some other things. They sell G2 caliper paint too, which is where I always get it from.
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Jul 26, 2004
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TIrerack site is very good and informative. Great selections of wheels too. Got my snow tires from them back in 2012 when the Canadian dollar was higher than USD. Way better deal even with shipping. If our dollar gets back closer to USD, then it'll be worth it to buy there.
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Jan 17, 2009
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Toronto, Ontario
Tirerack is good but I'll never order from them as they're sooooo expensive once you factor in shipping/duties. Many local shops are significantly cheaper.

If I live in the USA I'd definitely use them.
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Mar 1, 2005
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I used to buy from them and DTD but haven't for the past few years.

I just buy local now as some shops are pretty competitive when you factor in travel time to pick up or me having to plan a whole trip to travel down south to make it worth while + exchange rate, but if you're constantly driving over it can save you a few bucks.
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Sep 4, 2006
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The last three sets I bought (one last week) I got cheaper pricing at Costco in CDN than TireRack's USD price. Make sure you shop around. But to answer your question, TireRack is great. Selection, stock, and info. Just be aware you can beat their prices, ESPECIALLY once you factor in exchange and shipping.
Jul 1, 2017
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Recently purchased a coilover suspension kit from Tire Rack. The prices were better than purchasing here, even after considering taxes, duty and shipping.

I found the exact same kit available from RockAuto for around $700 CAD cheaper than TireRack.

I sent a follow-up request for a price match, even though it had only been a week since I purchased and they haven't even arrived yet. Nope, they don't price match, which I was surprised by considering they are a large volume online retailer.

Tried getting a price protection through my credit card with no luck.

Just be warned about the no price match policy. Almost any brick and mortar store and even most online tire retailers advertise price matching. My first and last purchase with Tire Rack.
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Jan 27, 2006
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Honestly, I use them to to get an idea on pricing, research and read reviews.

I just looked up tires sizes since I have to get smaller tired for my 2022 VW GTI Performance.
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Nov 21, 2014
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Didn't know buying from Tirerack was a thing........just getting a quick quote of tires has shipping costing $150+....

Though Tirerack is great for reviews and comparisons/lists of tires in different categories.