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Toilet Bowl FILL VALVE & FLUSH VALVE Question ...

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Toilet Bowl FILL VALVE & FLUSH VALVE Question ...

Issue: Fill Valve refill water seems to hinder Flush Valve from Closing. Tank always has about 2" to 3" water when Flush Valve / Flapper attempts to close; prob need to recheck that water level # ;P but there is a decent amount in there

I replaced the toilets Fill Valve with a Danco / HydroClean HC550C. The fill valve appears to fill the tank from its base near the shank washer (see photos below). The tank is using an old Mansfield Flush Valve (see last photo below). When i flush the flush valve rises vertically on its column. Water drains out of the tank into the bowl as expected however i notice there is a bit of hesitation before the flush valve falls down to connect with the bottom seal stopping water drainage out of the tank. When it finally drops i notice the bowl is already full at the proper level but I can hear the refill tube still dripping away down the overflow pipe.

The fill valve comes with a refill adjustment knob so at the moment i have it fully CLOSED stopping the refill tube from draining water down the overflow pipe. I do this bc it seems the bowl is getting all the water it needs from just the flush valve / flapper rising and closing. My other toilets do not use the Mansfield Flush Valve. I'm concerned the new Fill Valve, with its supply of water flowing from its base, is affecting the Mansfield Flush Valve from closing at a suitable time. Should i switch out the flush valve or is this normal behaviour and can i rest assured the Mansfield Flush Valve, despite its hesitation during closing, will always fully close during the cycle.


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How is a new fill valve going to help when it's the Mansfield flush valve that's malfunctioning?

First you should try to repair the problem with the flush valve. Unscrew the top and pull the moving part off the shaft. If it's hesitating when closing, look for one of two problems: something sticking on the shaft, or a plugged drain hole that isn't letting water drain out fast enough.

If you can't fix the existing flush valve, you'll have to replace it, probably with the same type so that you don't have to remove the base (that would be a lot more work).
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Daijoubu wrote: I would get these newer design Korky branded fill valve without the float, made in USA too

I've had bad luck with those ones, typically last 2 years or so before they start to hiss and refill slowly - something non-obvious goes out of spec on them with the lake Ontario water - just replaced it with another fluidmaster last week, noisier but shouldn't need replacing for a while.


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