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Toronto Area: Air Duct Cleaning Services

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Feb 29, 2012
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Toronto Area: Air Duct Cleaning Services

Do you ever get calls from men with thick accents who try and sell you Air Duct Cleaning Services and ask about your property size? We do. All the time. Personally I blame Rogers, I feel that they have sold our information to this company. I feel we did not get as many telemarketing calls with Bell, but that's just my opinion. I guess the National Do Not Call List is about as useful as a hole in a bucket.

*sigh* Why do these people keep calling? We've tried several different approaches: we're not interested, take us off the list, swearing at them, just hanging up. And they call back every few days. WTH man? I read another post that suggested booking them for an appointment to waste their time, and I am feeling very tempted to do just that!

I asked for a website and they gave me http://airductcleaning.com/ . Note the professionalism of the blank contact page!

Call display says the latest number is (416) 941-9089. I called back and it says "You have reached the Advanced Intelligent Network. You are not authorized to call this number. Please hang up." They also gave me a local number for a woman located in St Catherines for the "Booking Office"; she was not eager to answer questions but I'm not going to post her number.

Googling found this article saying the telemarketers get paid per call: http://ashleyzacharias.wordpress.com/20 ... ot-on-you/ . It sounds crazy but at least it makes sense!

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