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The Toronto Blue Jays/MLB Thread

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Apr 11, 2006
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Ogata wrote: Hold your horses people...we have a surplus still of OF's who is going to take Grichuk or is he the DH now? Doubt any team wants Grichuk or do we sign Realmuto and use Kirk to trade for SP?
Why are you so intent on getting rid of Grichuk. He batted a decent .273 with 12 homers and lead the team in RBIs. If anything, you shift Gurriel Jr back to the infield and then now you have a consistent infield of Vladdy Jr, Bichette, Gurriel Jr, and Biggio, and an outfield of Springer, Grichuk, and Teoscar. Plus Tellez at DH, and whoever is catching.
FlukeSkywalker wrote: They still aren't done. With Springer probably hitting lead off that may result in a Biggio trade. Which I can totally see a package for a CLV pitcher not named Bieber seeing as they we're second place in the Lindor sweepstakes. Ripple effect causes Bauer to sign with us and probably Andrelton Simmons. Jays will make more trades during the season and deadline for more arms and potentially a rental INF.
Pitching is now the main focus. Ryu, Ray, Pearson, Stripling, Roark needs an upgrade.
No need to trade Biggio. Doesn't make sense. Best on-base percentage on the team last season and part of the young core.