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Jul 25, 2019
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Toronto moving

I'm looking for a decent van rental for 1 day, middle of the month on a Sat in June, in DT Toronto to move some furniture (bed, sofa, etc.). Only moving 3km from my current location, so not a massive distance. Also would be looking to rent a dolly. Any suggestions on where to book? uHaul looks ok... I just generally find them a bit sleezy.
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Jun 26, 2019
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Depending on what is in your area, you'll most likely be looking a uHaul.

Also, 100% confirmed, a lot of locations are super sleezy, make sure you take pictures of the truck and mileage at the started. I've had them try to charge friends for 500km extra, and if we didn't have a picture of the starting mileage, would have been an interesting outcome.
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Nov 17, 2012
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Not sure what is open these days. If it wasn't the middle of a pandemic, I'd recommend renting a van from Home Depot if you only need it for a few hours.

But for short distance, U-Haul is the best value. $20 + KM charges. Get a bigger cube truck (same price more or less) to make loading/unloading faster and easier.

I use the U-Haul at 355 Weston Road often for trailer rentals and have never had a bad experience. Book online, smooth transactions. Just don't use the idiot (if he's still there) on Queen West. Totally useless - no permanent office etc.
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Oct 15, 2007
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I’ve always had good experiences with Penske, and they are typically cheaper than Uhaul
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